Is there a specific group of angels

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  1. Called the guardians or watchers, did any of them fall? Was it on purpose, or did they not have control over it. 

  2. We all fell here on purpose, imo.
  3. \tSeraphimThese are the highest order or choir of angels. They are the angels who are attendants or guardians before God's throne. They praise God, calling, "Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of Hosts". the only Bible reference is Isaiah 6:1-7. One of them touched Isaiah's lips with a live coal from the altar, cleansing him from sin. Seraphim have six wings, two cover their faces, two cover their feet, and two are for flying.
    \tCherubimCherubim rank after the seraphim and are the second highest in the nine hierarchies or choirs of angels. The Old Testament does not reveal any evidence that the Jews considered them as intercessors or helpers of God. They were closely linked in God's glory. They are manlike in appearance and double-winged and were guardians of God's glory. They symbolized then, God's power and mobility. In the New Testament, they are alluded to as celestial attendants in the Apocalypse (Rv 4-6). Catholic tradition describes them as angels who have an intimate knowledge of God and continually praise Him.
    \tThronesThrones are the Angels of pure Humility, Peace and Submisssion. They reside in the area of the cosmos where material form begins to take shape. The lower Choir of Angels need the Thrones to access God.
    \tDominionsDominions are Angels of Leadership. They regulate the duties of the angels, making known the commands of God.
    \tVirtuesVirtues are known as the Spirits of Motion and control the elements. They are sometimes referred to as "the shining ones." They govern all nature. They have control over seasons, stars, moon; even the sun is subject to their command. They are also in charge of miracles and provide courage, grace, and valor.>
    \tPowersPowers are Warrior Angels against evil defending the cosmos and humans. They are known as potentates. They fight against evil spirits who attempt to wreak chaos through human beings. The chief is said to be either Samael or Camael, both angels of darkness.
    \tArchangelsArchangels are generally taken to mean "chief or leading angel" ( Jude 9; 1 Thes 4:16), they are the most frequently mentioned throughout the Bible. They may be of this or other hierarchies as St. Michael Archangel, who is a princely Seraph. The Archangels have a unique role as God's messenger to the people at critical times in history and salvation (Tb 12:6, 15; Jn 5:4; Rv 12:7-9) as in The Annunciation and Apocalypse. A feast day celebrating the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael is celebrated throughout the Church Sep 29. A special part of the Byzantine Liturgy invokes the "Cherubic Hymn" which celebrates these archangels and the guardian angels particularly.
    Of special significance is St. Michael as he has been invoked as patron and protector by the Church from the time of the Apostles. The Eastern Rite and many others place him over all the angels, as Prince of the Seraphim. He is described as the "chief of princes" and as the leader of the forces of heaven in their triumph over Satan and his followers. The angel Gabriel first appeared in the Old Testament in the prophesies of Daniel, he announced the prophecy of 70 weeks (Dn 9:21-27). He appeared to Zechariah to announce the birth of St. John the Baptist (Lk 1:11). It was also Gabriel which proclaimed the Annunciation of Mary to be the mother of our Lord and Saviour. (Lk 1:26) The angel Raphael first appeared in the book of Tobit (Tobias)Tb 3:25, 5:5-28, 6-12). He announces "I am the Angel Raphael, one of the seven who stand before the throne of God." (Tb 12:15)
    \tPrincipalitiesIn the New Testament Principalities refers to one type of spiritual (metaphysical) being which are now quite hostile to God and human beings. (Rom 8:38; 1 Cor 15:24; Eph 1:21; 3:10; 6:12; Col 1:16; 2:10, 15) Along with the principalities are the powers (Rom 8:38; 1 Cor 15:24; Eph 1:21; 1 Pt 3:22; 2 Thes 1:7); and cosmological powers (1 Cor 15:24; Eph 1:21; 3:10; Col 2:15);Dominions (Eph 1:21; Col 1:16) and thrones (Col1:16). The clarity of the New Testament witness helps see that these beings were created through Christ and for Him (Col 1:16). Given their hostility to God and humans due to sin, Christ's ultimate rule over them (ibid) expresses the reign of the Lord over all in the cosmos. This is the Lordship of Christ, which reveals God's tremendous salvation in conquering sin and death at the cross, and now takes place in the Church. (Eph 3:10)
    \tAngelsThese angels are closest to the material world and human begins. They deliver the prayers to God and God's answers and other messages to humans. Angels have the capacity to access any and all other Angels at any time. They are the most caring and social to assist those who ask for help.
    alot of them fell............i believe gabriel fell as well as samael.
    They knew what they were doing, they failed so they fell
    You think Gabriel fell because he helped Muhammad recite the Qur'an and begin the religion of Islam?
  5. Do you think that gabriel was a follower of lucifer, and is micheal considered a seraphim? 
  6. I bbelieve michael was an arc and gabriel was a messenger,   not sure but i think gabriel fell going against god over his jealousy of humans....
  7. do you think when/if an angel falls it forgets who/what it was?
  8. there is a specific group of angels.  and only one kind.  the kind that don't exist
  9. Well i assumed that when people came in topic, they would know that i was assuming angels exist. BTW, you can't prove their non-existance, and i know that i can't prove their existance. Still I like to have conversations about religious type things, I thank you for your input though.
  10. you cant prove something DOESN'T exist. That is for lack of better terms, impossible. Accident hero doesn't have to try to prove they don't either. You are the one asserting they exist, so YOU are the one who has to prove their existence.
  11. Why do i have to prove their existence....I already said that i couldn't.
  12. you're right, you admitted that you can't (which btw is something most of the faith community would never admit so kudos) and i was just advocating from accident hero's perspective. This is all entirely irrelevant from your thread's topic and I think accident only came here to troll because he's usually harsh with people with faith. Me though? Not so much.
    I don't have much to contribute but I believe those that sided with Lucifer and those that sided with God like Michael (the ultimate badass angel) were allowed to stay. I think that Gabriel was acting as like a double-agent of some sort but wasn't part of the fallen.
    This all being said I'm a Humanist and have no religious or supernatural leanings. Except with sports, with sports I get really superstitious.
  13. You think Gabriel fell because Michael ordered him to? Do you think Lucifer could have found out about gabriel, and killed him. 

    Like your hat faces forward on offense, and backward on defense?
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    I just came to give my opinion, which is that questions about angels and demons might as well be talking about Santa Claus.  Can you just imagine people trying to have a serious conversation about how many lumen Rudolph's nose emits?  The only reason anyone thinks its different is because so many people are convinced, and the only reason so many people are convinced is that so many people are indoctrinated starting at childhood and immersed in it throughout their lives as they grow up in the culture.  Without all that - for example, from an alien's point of view - these questions about angels carry as much gravity as questions about how many wings the tooth fairy has.
  15. All angels fall into the same category:   bullshit  
  16. And then there's this kind of angel....the kind that most priests really think about at night:
  17. Well, i imagine rudolph's nose would have to emit the same as/close to the amount of lumens as a set of fog lights. After all Santa asked him to help get them through some serious fog. Indoctrinated, i dont believe, but as a choice, i think people believe in their set religion. The only reason people stay ignorant is because it would be harder from them to admit they dont know if god exists or not. As to the reasons why it varies from person to person. Some have to believe, otherwise they wouldn't have the ability to function socially. They need a plan that has already been set in stone. As far as aliens go, its really impossible to know if they believe, or even know if god exists or not.
    As for the topic at hand, Im asking questions outside of my knowledge. I find it fun and interesting.
    You could say people fall into that category too, so i guess we really are angels after all.
  18. hahahah damn i love this post. the last part especially
  19. dude i explained i dont believe in the supernatural, let alone christian lore. I have no opinion in the matter
  20. Well its just a question damn it, Gabriel being a spy sounds pretty cool. I figured you would have some type of info on the matter, but its all good. 

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