Is there a ridiculous amount of chemtrails in anyone elses area?

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  1. There has been planes flying literally all day dropping chemtrails, I swear I've probably saw at least 50 different trails today alone. And I've saw them the past couple of days, I just noticed the ridiculous number of them today..

    I know the "purpose" of chemtrails, but what gives? Why so many?
  2. cold upper level atmosphere most likely the cause.
  3. It was like 82 and sunny outside..and has been for the past 2 weeks
  4. Ground condition's are not a reflection of upper-atmospheric conditions... Look into it, and it's cloud-seeding not (chem-trails)
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    It's both, they cloud seed using aluminum oxide and barium, along with aerosols. Those elements do eventually fall back down to the ground where they coat everything from your drinking water to your vegetables, to the grass your livestock eats, and of course the air your breath.

    The scientists fronting this plan have openly admitted on numerous occasions they are not completely aware of the long term effects something like this might have on us or the ecosystem. So in the meantime breath it in fellas.

    All over North America people are now detecting aluminum oxide and barium all over the place and in levels that far exceed the ecological toxicity range.

    Look into it.
  6. Go learn about how the atmosphere works, then come up with conspiracy theories that don't conflict that science.

    Aluminum oxide is not dangerous or toxic, its a very abundant substance that is used daily by billions of people. When you say Barium is being dropped on us, what are you talking about? Tell me how barium is dangerous...I went and looked. All I found is that barium is never found naturally in elemental form on earth because it oxidizes quickly. And that the most common form of barium found is Barium Sulfate which when ingested by humans is completely non-absorbed by the body.
  7. [quote name='"LightAnother"']cold upper level atmosphere most likely the cause.[/quote]

    Super this.

    Chem trails aren't true. Stop being a crazy pants
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    It's insane where i live.

    Some days when it's nice outside and you look up they're making grid patterns in the sky. I have tons of pics i will upload if anyone has an interest.




  9. upload them please

  10. just for reference...

    you dont live next to an airport correct?
  11. your all looking at my clouds of my exhaled weed smoke.

    impressive i know :)
  12. Lol I always think about that when it's foggy in the morning that me or someone just hotboxed my whole fucking neborhood
  13. In Vegas its been gettin pretty out of hand..
  14. ive been noticing a lot here, and i dont by any means live in a huge town.

    im still unsure what the trails are, but there are a lot that keep popping up, in strange directions and always over head with obvious trails down to the top of the city.
  15. I've heard of this, usually in more rural areas. I would be fucking pissed if the government was just flying this shit over my area. Even if its not toxic, its completely fucked up. I don't like aeresols and bariums and whatever the fuck they want in my breathing air.
  16. [quote name='"biggg bassset"']your all looking at my clouds of my exhaled weed smoke.

    impressive i know :)[/quote]

    You do some pretty serious smoking bro :smoke:
  17. I'm pretty sure it's water vapor. It's cold up there.
  18. At first I thought you guys where talking about crop dusters for crops, but planes hardly ever leave trains over my area.
  19. Planes hardly leave trains...... hahahaha, classic.
  20. A helluva lot, and the other day about SH-60's flew over my neighborhood, lower than usual. But I live by an airport and I always see them, just not that low.

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