Is there a pro and con to everything?

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  1. As the title says. Im stoned and just thinking. Is there a pro/con to everything? Im talking about anything and everything. For example, organic foods are healthier, but generally more expensive. If you can think of something that has only cons or only pros put em down. Cause I've been thinking about this one for a while and I'm curious haha :smoke:
  2. Tits has only pros
  3. Breast cancer dude

  4. well nah breast cancer wouldn't really be a con because its not something that everyone has to deal with ya know? Like alright boobs. Lots of pros. but in a girls perspective I'm sure they can think of some cons. maybe if they're big boobs they have back problems? stuff like that haha
  5. Shit...well alright...

    edit: i mean aids does help control the population though.....
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    I say boobies have 0 cons

    I also think cancer has 0 pros
  7. Mostly yeah. Things are trade offs

    Thats also part of the reason why there arn't super animals everywhere with ability to fly and be as smart as humans, and also have xray vision.

    to gain one ability, the organism had to loose others because the chemical mechanisms that make those behaviours was in conflict.

    Thats not to say that a super animal of some type couldn't evolve, it would just take alot of time and be very unlikely to happen.

  8. You say boobs don't...but do they have them in someone else's opinion?
  9. Probably, I'm just stating my opinion. I don't experience any of the cons so to me there are none. However I do acknowledge there are some
  10. Everything is going to have cons because something that is good for one can be bad for another.

    ex. cannabis

    One can argue the impairment is a con and another a pro.
  11. Everything has a 1 and -1.

  12. yes, the yin and the yang my friend,

    there is no light without darkness

    For every pro there is a con and every con a pro

    Boobies can cause back problems, cancer, etc. - the con to boobies

    Cancer - I was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago, without being diagnosised I would not have the appreciation I have for life and my family today - the pro to cancer
  13. yes, but the levels dont equal out for all things

  14. So are you saying that theres a pro and con for everything based on ones opinion or factual shit? So, if i were looking at it your way...My example in the OP (organic foods are healthier but more expensive), the pro would out weigh the con because in the consumers opinion their health is greater than the cash value of the product? Opportunity cost. I hear that. but then again its opinion. not factual
  15. Farts

    -smell bad
    -socially frowned upon

    Releases gas from the body which would kill you otherwise
  16. in making one decision you are ignoring another possibility
  17. a blow job by a clean girl has 0 cons..
  18. Nipples on guys
    Pros - ???
    Cons - ???

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