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Is There A Point To Waiting To Grind Up The Bud Right Beforehand Or Is It The Same To Grind It All At Once?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Chinajewelry, May 29, 2013.

  1. Someone once told me that you're not "supposed to" grind it up unless you're going to smoke it right after. I don't like to waste money, so ever since I've been adamant on waiting to Break it up until I'm about to smoke. Now, does this actually have a reason, like the bud gets stale faster or something? It would be easier to break it up beforehand and then when I want it, I can get pinch it on.
  2. If u grind it all at once you can fiend all your thc before your weed and then have that for after you run out.
    Big bong hoot of THC is fucking awsome when you've been out for a couple days. 
  3. I grind a little up at a time but I do have a container for ground weed.
    The best thing to do is grind up enough to use for your day/evening and then keep the rest in a glass jar. ground weed dries out and loses flavor/potency quicker than nugs in a jar.
  4. I used to grind it all at once, but once I realized that it lost freshness (and even some potency!), I started grinding only before smoking. I even used an airtight container for storage, but I noticed that after a couple of days it would lose color, flavor, stickiness, and potency. Some of the THC crystals would fall to the bottom of the container, but that wasn't a big deal because it was easily scraped out.

    But again, I would recommend just grinding before you smoke, and keeping nugs you aren't gonna use for later.
  5. I grind up a bunch and put it in various places. I have a little bottle next to my bed for my wake and bake.  I have another little bottle in my purse for when I'm out running around.  I have a baby food jar for in the house in the evening. So ,in the evening I grind up enough to put some in each of these places. Then I am good to go in all situations.
  6. Whenever my grinder runs empty ill fill it up, no difference for me.
  7. I'd say grind up what you need. Presumably you're using a mason jar if not, get the fuck on that as soon as possible. My ground up bud dries up way quicker in a jar than just bud form. And ultimately, if its a pain in the ass to grind shit up then that's a deterrent to just rip through your stash.

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