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Is there a plant that smells like weed ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LeanSoakedBlunt, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Ok so theres this spot by my neighborhood lake. Essentially its hallow shrub of leaves with a tree in the middle . You cant see the inside of the shrub from the outside . The shrub is pretty big . The actual space is about the size of a decent master bedroom , and the whole thing is almost as tall as the tree .

    ANYWAYS . EVERY time I go into that spot , a stench of marijuana hits me .

    I started looking around for some ganja and I couldnt find. I continued walking and an even harder punch of just dank hit me . Theres nothing but branches inside the shrub. I cant find the weed . Where is the smell comming from ?

    ~ Can it be the leaves inside the spot that soaked up smoke from the years of people smoking there ?

    ~Can there be weed hidden underground and left there and it still reeks ?

    ~Could it have been a spot for an old weed farm that got cleared out and still smells ?

    ~ Is there a plant that smells like weed ?
  2. The plant is ganja.
  3. Look harder and then sneak the harvest.
  4. You guys arnt really helping me out
  5. Right across the street from Disneyland in LA there is a spot that hits me like the ganj every time I walked by... On 2 separate trips. My friends noticed it too. And there's shrubs around that look like the one you're talking about so maybe thats it?
    Is there any skunk cabbage around? That can give off a pretty skunky odor
  6. Maybe someone took a black ops hit of some dank, and you didn't notice, and it happened twice, lol.

    I've taken many rips right in public before, and I would think I would try it before I walked into DL, lol.

  7. naww its definitive that the odor is comming from inside that shrub
  8. Nah I mean consistently like every single time I'd walk past that spot.. And there was a 3 year break in between the trips.. That would be one consistent chronic bandit right there haha. Grow/club in a hotel basement? :smoke: that would be rad lol
  9. But yes, that's why I posted.. Because I figured it may have been this giant ass shrub
  10. Are there any shrubs like this around?
  11. What plant is that?

    Similar leaf structure to pot, but its not pot.
    You just find some picture of a plant that looked like pot and decided it must smell like it too?
  12. i would say skunk cabbage, thats the only other plant i know of
  13. no questions in the seasoned tokers.
  14. Cannabis.
  15. My guess is that there is a skunk somewhere around there.
  16. Patchouli smells like weed. This plant is called "Hippie Fragrance"
  17. [quote name='"Tratagalvis"']Patchouli smells like weed. This plant is called "Hippie Fragrance"[/quote]

    Patchouli smells nothing like weed. Maybe weed you smoke but not weed I smoke.
  18. If you think someone might have a grow going on there, leave it alone. It is really not cool to mess with someone else's grow. Unless you're a cop, I guess. They sort of get to do whatever they want.
  19. PUSSYWILLOWS ......

    Hell I don't know...but it was fun to say

    How the hell did they get a name like PUSSY - WILLOW ?
  20. If you can't find it that means the grower is smart and has a good spot.

    Stop trying to find it and if you do fuck off and don't touch this grower's hard work. Think of how pissed you'd be if somebody fucked with your grow.

    By searching around there for them you are also drawing attention to the guy's spot which is not cool man.

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