is there a 'phising' scam or someting going on?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by mills69, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. i noticed the other day that 2 users with low number of posts have been posting an identical link all over the forums it takes u to a fake login page for grass city forums? they are just posting it as a reply to any thread with a little sentence like "oh wow same here check this link" the link looks like GC at a glance but its not

    i could just be totally wrong but wanted to see if others noticed
  2. I dunno, some dude warned everyone not to click some weird GC link and said the same thing in a different thread, what's a phishing scam?
  3. there are multiple people doing it, report the posts because the site it brings you to is not GC
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    its a scam where the scamers try to get your personal details in this case ur GC username & password, i think their using the accounts they get into to post the link even more, somewhere in the link is says something to do with "worldsbiggestMJplant" or something to make it look like a thread titel

  5. F**kers yea ive just been reporting as many of the posts i find

    wonder y they going after GC all of a sudden
  6. yeah report any posts with that url and they'll get taken care of.

    don't cick the links or enter your passwords please :)
  7. thanks AW, good to know i wasnt reporting a legit link, i would feel like a complete asshole.
  8. yea thats the one new someting was up, i think i might put a warning in my sig, get the word spread quick, i only hang in the growing froum but im going go through threads reporting that link if i find it, i fear they already got a number of accounts
  9. You're an idiot man, you are attacking the community because of a grudge? get over yourself.
  10. oh my god... i totally clicked one of those and thought it was legit and i was about to enter my info. then i was like "nah fuck it i dont feel like seeing whatever this guy's trying to show us" then i pressed the back button instead to read a diff thread! :hello:
  11. just don't click any odd looking links. Don't enter your GC username or password on any non CG pages and it's all good.

    report any of these posts and they'll get taken care of.

    thanks :)
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