Is there a name for this kind of bong?

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  1. I know someone who has this special type of bong and i've never seen or heard of another one anywhere and would like to know if anyone else has ever run across one before or if it has a name or whatever? All I can do is try my best to describe it and i'll try to get some pics of it up soon. It's only purpose really is for knife rips of hash. Imagine a straight tube glass bong with an ice catcher and below that a tree perc and then at the bottom it isn't sealed(No real base) just some kind of dome perc that lets smoke up through the bottom while letting no water escape. It has no joint part no place for a stem or slide. You just hold it and have a buddy sandwich the hash between the hot knives below it. Hope that draws a fairly vivid mental image. Any input would be great. These things really are the bee's knees when it comes to smoking hash...
  2. Sounds like you are describing a steamroller of sorts.
  3. Yeah i suppose it is really similar just no bowl. The hash smoke just travels through it vertically through the percs and ice. Makes for the smoothest rip of hash i've ever had.
  4. I think I get the picture.. You could also use a bell (not sure what they are called)
    [ame=]Hash Oil Bell & Skillet - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Bugle A L T has one by snob
  6. Well thats just awesome right there, never seen that either. Time to go visit the local shops and see if they carry those very intrigued...
  7. [​IMG]
    Something like these?
  8. Exactly like those. The one my friend had was made by his glass blowing buddy it was a little taller then these but I have to say these are quite a bit better quality. Any chance you know where to get these or what they are called? Even where you saw this picture would be great.
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  10. Thanks to both of you, answered my question exactly, they are called bugles and they are taxed as hell I see. Thats too bad not sure it's $700 worth of craftsmanship. Would be a nice add to collection. I can't even get one from the guy I know he just flat out refuses to make any more.
    Ask and you shall recieve...Have had this question for awhile, figuered this is were the experts are- Thanks GrassCity.
  11. I sent you a PM homie.

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