is there a "leader" of your group?

Discussion in 'General' started by darksmoker, May 29, 2011.

  1. just like one guy who when he chills and provides his weed for smoking, everyone is just like ah sweet *name* is comin over. and you kinda listen to what he wants to do and hsit.
  2. Yes I would say that is me.

    I found ganj whenever the town went dry.

    First one to get his license/car.

    First one to go to festivals/travel internationally/domestically.

    Bunch of other shit, it is a big responsibility honestly, you are the cornerstone of the group you need to keep your cool.
  3. no...not really. my group of friends all hang out together aside from hanging out as a group so there is no real leader. its just a group of friends
  4. im the glue.
  5. Isn't it always the guy with the biggest dick?
  6. The guy who cums on the biskit first, actually.

  7. i was thinking the same thing bout myself, haha.
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  8. The guy who what the what?
  9. Most of my friends are alpha males so we usually come to a group consensus or split up lol.
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  10. No leader We works in a group and takes decisions.

  11. No leader of my group, we all just chill and blaze the herbs and other stuff :rolleyes:
  12. No and im glad theres no douche who smokes everyone down then expects attention in return...

    But I get what you mean OP, i'd say all 7, including me, of my group is equally influential in decision making lol
  13. I don't provide the weed but I provide the house that everyone is always coming over to

    leader qualities :D
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  14. Yeah the guy that has the coolest girlfriend at the time, not degrading women. Or the person with the dankest dro. Nah but my friends are all cool with each other so no leader.

  15. well yeah i mean you know when theres 6 people chillin decisions are gonna have to be made, lol.
  16. Depends on who I'm chillin with. If it's with my dudes, definitely not me.
    If it's my ladyfriend, me. (SHE MADE ME
  17. I am the ultimate male!
  18. Me,
    I've just always been good at manipulating people be it getting me something to ordering a hit...goddam that sounds boss as fuck....

    so high :smoke:
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    By the way. Your avatar is awesome. I love bring me the horizon.
  20. I just do my own shit. If my friends want to join me cool, if not fuck it I'm still going to have a good time.

    Considering my and the buddies are workin on our 3rd 30 pack at my place, something we have done the previous 3 nights... yeah I'm that guy.

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