Is there a History sub forum?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by PeruvianDank, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. There probably isn't one and I think it would be cool to have one although I'm not sure if people would like to talk about history that much :smoke:

    Opinions guys?
  2. I think history is one of the most interesting and speculative topics out there.

    I would argue it could even belong in this forum, but I'm not. I think a sub forum would provide some interesting insight to a deceptively dynamic topic.
  3. Yeah, completely agree, there really isn't anywhere to put stuff for history apart from here and general, and neither fit very well...
    I reckon there'd be just as must interest as there is in the Science and Nature section.
  4. yeah we fucking need this, i fucking love history and i'm uneducated on the subject, i couldn't take ancient history course because of my technical math course so i'm left to research myself, a group of e-people to pursue this would be swell
  5. I completely agree. I didn't expect this kind of feedback. Glad to know guys, maybe we can lobby for a History sub forum? hahaha

    you hit the nail on the head stonedpanda, whenever I have something history related, I post it here lol.

    windchime I studied that chapter of history too. Im a fan of Prussia (and Germany) too. I also have a game called Empire Total War in which you can fight as a European global imperial power or defend your lands as a native american tribe. You can also be the Ottomans, Marathi, etc. I definitely recommend this game for any history lover. Any Total War or Civilization kind of game for that matter. Learn (and MAKE) history through games, how fun? :)

    Right now, I'm reading about WW2 and the Operation Barbarossa (for the 500th time) LMAO.
  6. I also agree. I'm a history major and I love history. I also love weed. Peace.
  7. But you will be talking about the same old shit over and over again!
    Sorry can't help myself.
  8. I'm reading about Akhenaten and Amarna, fascinating if anyone's interested. He essentially converted Egyptian religion to monotheism in his reign, then was erased from the histories...
  9. History is one of my major interests, I support this.
  10. So when do we start to lobby? :hello: Lmao.
  11. I don't know, but soon?

    I could talk for days about history, especially if I am high.
  12. yeah gc def needs one.
  13. All send a message to a mod asking a for a history forum/subforum! whatever.

    I love history!!!!!!!
  14. I'll sign this petition. I'm not super knowledgable, but I am super interested. I'd like to supplement my child's education with fact.
  15. Ill sign, I'd love to see an entire subforum dedicated to history
  16. A history sub-forum? fuck yea! that's an awesome idea.:D
  17. I'm glad this thread is started, I'm a fan as well

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