is there a healthy blunt option

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  1. hello, I've been smoking for about 5 yrs now and primarily blunts, i have tried over the years many blunt alternatives but i don't care for them. Its just not the same, ie: glass blunts don't really stay lit and just aren't as easy to use, large paper cones burn to fast and weird to often and occasionally go out. I have used pipes and don't mind them but would much prefer a blunt ,I'm a walk around the house and smoke kind of guy while i do what i need to do, so sometimes i set it down for a sec. i would just like a healthier alternative like papers that are as thick as blunts and burn similar. If anyone knows of a thing or has ideas let me know
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  2. Don't smoke blunts...
    The alternative way, you don't want to do.
    So either keep smoking blunts or vape.
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  3. Have you tried palm blunts? I haven't, but I've heard they're ok. They're made from palm leaf instead of tobacco leaf. Not knowing what happens when you burn palm leaves, I can't say that I know for certain it's much healthier than smoking tobacco. But they are tobacco free.

    Some sort of vape might be a good bet. You say you don't mind pipes but just prefer blunts. I'm generally the same, but in addition to not inhaling tobacco smoke I find I smoke a lot less using a bowl than blunts, too, so there's that. It takes me a while to shift from primarily smoking blunts and joints, which I prefer, to smoking bowls, which is far more practical for a lot of reasons, but once I'm there I don't feel like it's a hardship to not smoke blunts. They can be for a special occasion. Of course, that's just my experience...I recently did just this myself. It's not as satisfying at first, but I adjust quickly.
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  4. There's cbd infused hemp wraps they sell here in Oregon that burn very similar to blunts. Just don't expect to be able to keep it sealed without wax they're a pain in the ass to keep closed

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  5. There's nothing healthy about smoking .....period
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  6. Try using Cannabis leaves, it's called a Thai stick. They burn nice and slow, take a while to make but are worth the effort.
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  7. Just try Game Silvers (Garcia y Vega). It's a blunt wrap, but burns very smoothly and slow. It isn't nowhere near as harsh as the other blunt wraps out there (Swisher, White Owl, Backwoods, etc)
  8. Hemp wraps bro:smoking-banana:
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  9. Hemp wraps. Available at any smoke shop. I know juicy makes some but I think the best are high hemps, CBD infused mango if they have it, but I've only found that flavor in Cali.
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  10. Thai stick generally is going to be a cannon, at least a quarter oz of bud, ususally a couple grams of hash oil, and then usually a gram or so of dry sift in there....they burn for over an hour usually but will get a good amount of people wrecked. Still have not had the pleasure of trying one but I have seen them around
  11. Sometimes I don't get why people always want to go cold turkey from everything...

    Vaping would allow you to walk around the house as you say, although it isn't going to be you will miss it. So Blunt as a treat and discipline yourself to break the habit on most other levels just for the sake of it. blunt wraps are also an option can also get gold rolling papers. Extremely smooth and is GOLD not tobacco. Food grade so safe supposedly. I was impressed when I smoked a gold joint at how smooth the hits were...incredible really. Not exactly cheap though.
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  12. my go to blunt wrap is a green leaf
  13. someone mentioned it already but hemp wraps. The brand name is high hemp, they're pretty nice, burn slow and evenly, they're just a pain to seal up.
  14. I personally hate high hemp. They're super delicate and small. You need water in order to get them to seal.

    I buy Juicy J hemp wraps on the regular. Easy to roll, easy to seal, burn slow, tastes great.

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  15. Salutations KillSet,

    Actually that's not exacty true. When comparing the cigarette/"joint" consumption method with the venerable Volcano, for example, i must conclude that one whas inlet water and the other doesn't - which to me clealy explains how i eventually came to tag the Volcano as a "Hot Dry Air Ovenizer", because that's just what it is (not to mention quite a vaste range of its competitors as well). One exception being the VaporGenie pipe where butane transforms into inlet water and carbonic gas (prior to the vaporization process), hence my focuss on the "inlet" qualificative... And i found i required that inlet water very much as a vaporist, i must mention.

    So, if there's something to learn from the immense (mercantile) success of James Albert Bonsack's 1881 pattent (#238640) then it should point at what i call the "Release/Transport Agent", i believe. Alternately, the Hot Dry Air stream in a Volcano is no heat vector equivalent to that of in my VG pipe i suspect, since that other type of vector can be "potentialized" by higher "specific heat capacity" from water and carbonic gas. This difference can be exploited in pulse mode consumption methods to open the door to time-compressed appreciation experiences based on a "1-hitter" ritual model where baking/ovenizing can be reduced to a minimal amount using micro-bursting techniques, to avoid hot-spotting which precedes combustion incidents. In other words aroma/taste experiences in pulse mode spread over the 2 ~ 3 first few tokes while using a Volcano balloon one would have to wait for minutes while spending cannabis 3-fold and yet leaving it in an oven for this long... So i won't be surprize if there's no love for the fancy table vaporizers selling at undecent prices.

    My present solution results from years of frustration after trying to deal with manufacturer offers all based on the Hot Dary Air Ovenizer concept as i explained here. Lucky me i'm an ex-smoker and yet i'm fully satisfied with the alternative i managed to develop, pretty much on my own actually (and only after spending a lot more than i was ever prepared for, initially), over 7 years ago as i recall!...

    Ain't time flying like the wind! ;)

    So, to answer your question i'd have to reply « forget the traditional "blunt"! », consider looking forward for real, right into a nich of vaporism still awaiting further exploration by pioneers! But all i can help with is directives on how you can launch your very own DIY project (or join others on a compatible trek...), in order to get a tool capable of opening a different door than the usual we're all used to...

    Remember everyone! After that you'd be on your own once past the doorstep. Now how about a "DIY" solution as described above? The initial text wasn't all too clear if it might become a problem or not having to rely on skills for a lack of ready-made commercial products, hence my asking...

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  16. Inhaling any sort of smoke from plant material into your lungs is inherently dangerous. Is weed as dangerous as is weed completely safe to
  17. Hi again,

    The potential nuisance of "weed" is not from weed but i don't suppose many of us are prepared to discuss or even learn from past mistakes.

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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    It's not a nuisance to me, maybe to you. Any time smoke from burnt carbon or any particulate matter for that matter is inhaled it's not completly safe. I accept that and do not find it to be a nuisance at all. Life is full of little risks, one must choose to accept or stay away from. I accept it
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    Hi again KillSet,

    Rest assured i don't view the cannabis of a consumer's own garden as anything close to a "nuisance" justifying bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionism, just because it's cannabis (and lets dream of some lace-free "bio", ideally)!!

    To the question « is there a healthy blunt option » i've previsouly responded quite definitevely, YES. *IF* we can assume that "option" also means "alternative, that is. Despite the lack of echo, but that's OKay, it's to be expected with similar virtual social stuff.

    Nonetheless i'm not going to pretend there's no "harm" associated to cannabis by mass-media, that would be falling for their sustained TrudeauMania and i never trusted cap'tain Itnoc in the 1st place. In The Name Of Children sounds awfully empty/void of sincerity when viewed from my perspective, considering that for me the harm is from mis-guided/damaging 3rd-party interventionism supported by our public institutions taken over by brave drug warriors, etc. If it were not for the socio-toxic legacy of successive zealot generations in power we'd most likely have switched to much healthier consumption methods already. But such a heavenly world displeases the army of bigots who want cannabis consumers to self-vilify themselves, via SMOKING if one is mindless enough to do that to himself... Then there are those who believe we still can turn an historic global error into valuable teaching that shall pave the way to freedom, away from all nuisance which self-serving mass-media press continues to associate/juxtapose with all sorts of aspects like cancer from smoking, so-called "addiction" from THC-centric herb (...), mysterious new deseases of mari-caca (from pesticides and whatnot!), etc., etc.

    Now that is the "nuisance" i'm all about and i say lets adress this if there's a way, and indeed such an option exists.

    Can we discuss other topics than the messenger behind a message? What follows next doesn't actually sound like we can't find a few items to fuel this present dialog after all.


    So when i write and repeat writting "Release/Transport Agent" it does evoke what it's supposed to evoke, just not evoke something which echoes in a reply intending to state that « There's nothing healthy about smoking... », as quoted previously.

    To what i answered: « Actually that's not exacty true. ... ..."Release/Transport Agent" »
    In other words NO, actually THERE *IS* something healthy even in SMOKING as a consumption method which explains it's immense popularity around the globe and my point is to argue that we should learn from it before e-Cigs and Vaporizers meet a same fate as smoke. That's all the nuisance i care about in these specific circumstances, forget the drug-free world utopia with me in any case; prohibitionism and policing for a public health matter has already been failing for decades and there's simply no sane purpose in re-trying ways which are known to have failed repeatedly - which is what Trudeau does and which is part of the nuisance in mari-caca.

    Because thanks to Justin we got an astronaut with a real valid scientific education toying with model trains. Now THAT is nuisance and no filter nor a change of consumption method will fix that. No more than MiniHaper Trudeau might ever be tempted to think beyond his own reign and try to understand that hurting adults for imaginary tales is NOT going to remove the "nuisance" but magnify it instead. Which is what the Liberal do since Joy Davies or even Marc Emery: in fear of being remotely associated with "banalization" the Liberals now with a majority of seats have continuously found new manners to hurt instead of help.

    What i'm saying is that we now seriously need to help ourselves because the Liberals will not as they're just waiting for the next United Nations event on drugs scheduled for 2019, after the next elections and hence it's important (for them) that "we" don't realize this until it's too late to have a change of mind at the votation pole.

    Consequently, to fix something harmful we must 1st understand where the harm came from and of course how that's harmful exactly. Expect no assistance from Trudeau's self-serving "scientifics" who are conveniently having 2 simultaneous summits on "ADDICITON" tomorrow the 19th, by the way... Which is the point when i come around as a humble ordinary member pointing his finger at this new idea which is part of a concept implemented in my "daily dariver", e.g. the release/transport agent i mentioned before, to put it briefly.



    Pardon me if i prefer to deal with it objectively. For example there's no mysterious process going on with butane when it's being turned into super-heated water and also super-heated carbonic gass, i figure. The later is found in soft drinks to promote effervescence, while butane is often used in fine cuisine, hence the need for "filtered" butane which has no more than 15 ~ 30 ppm "impurities".

    Now it's these impurities which we should focus on when in fear of butane, because i must confess i'd expect all sorts of complex interactions including perhaps a catalist effect from unwanted elements. But then as you've put it we might agree we better keep away, while i nuance that with more practical concerns though. Like to create an alternative which no sane mind can disregard: or if you will, a Weapon Of Mass Seduction.

    My reasoning is simple, once earth has been conquered the children of humanity who depend on a world of aldults to emulate adults no longer will manage to find rolling-paper (with glue) just because the inventories shall have disapeared in lack of an adult market. M'well, not before "Bi-Energy" offering a most convenient "Plan-B" (with "B" standing for "butane") 1st has been equally implemented with "Plan-A" that's based on "inclusive" electromagnetic Induction Heat (+ Curie effect...), micro-dosing/micro-toking (e.g. eventually including a de-sensitization scenario combined to self-awareness promotion, etc.) technologies, etc... So, lets not wait further enforcing of more brutal/unjust laws based on the love-of-hate/hate-of-love! While my proposal is about a durable solution NOT based on self-vilification from "nuisance" which ain't even a necessity in this day and age.

    Lets save the lost statistically-ellusive children of planet Itnoc, shall we!... ;)

    M'well, that's part of what i meant by "nuisance" anyway, just in case there might remain some residual confusion who's against cannabis and/or cannabis consumers over here...

    Good day, have fun!!

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