Is there a god?

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  1. Now, from what I know about myself, I guess I need an explanation for mostly everything. I was wandering around school and thinking to myself, how is there a god? After we die, we go to heaven for eternity. But if you really stop to think, thats impossible, there is no 'eternity'. You die, you go to heaven, then what? Forever, your in heaven. I dont see how its possible. Literally being there forever, there is no forever. What is going to happen, what will you do? Just nothing, and it will never stop? Now even typing this is really making my stomach twisted, but I have to face facts. How is there a god? We, humans, are a form of a creature that he created. So what is he? A voice? is there really a voice of god or is it just a way that us humans communicate? And if there is no god, now this is what REALLY scares me. We die, then its over, we dont know its over, it just is. Your gone, wtf. I just dont know and seriously am questioning my faith which in the eyes of 'god' isn't a good thing. I just dont fucking know.

    btw im christian as far as my 'religion' goes
  2. We won't know for sure about God until our bodies are lying in a funeral home. But I feel there is a God. But 'my' God isn't like most other people's God. Where as most people believe that their religion is 'THE ONE' that is right. My God loves and respects all people, of ALL religions, as long as they follow their beliefs and try their hardest to be good people, they will find their way into a heaven. The more stout and 'true' you are to your religion, the better your place in heaven. To me, the Earth is kinda like a buffet table, with all the religions being a type of food. Would you want to go to a buffet with only one choice of food? I doubt if God wants to either.

    A lot of people doubt if there is a God because " If there is a God, how can he let happen, the things that are now happening?" To me, this world is a kind of purgetory, or a testing place. God puts you in a certain situation, to see how you handle it.

    My father was the smartest person I ever knew, he was an nuclear physicist, and an Atheist. And before he died, we had quite a few discussions about religion. My Grandfather ( his father ) supposedly wrote a couple books about atheism. So it wasn't my upbringing that made me think this way. After I graduated high school, I was having the same questions and doubts that you seem to be having. I did the only thing I could think of at the time. I 'investigated' them. I went catholic churches, protestant, and baptist churches. I went to a Jewish temple and a buddist temple. One thing I noticed was that most if not all the religions I 'checked out' said the same thing. Only the names were different. They all said basically, 'be a good person, stay true to what you know is right. I know this won't help any, but I hope it might. A lot of people probably think I'm a dumbass for believing what I do, but I don't care.

    I went to a little African American church a couple times, a long time ago. And I met an old lady that told me something that stuck with me for years and years. She said "God answers ALL prayers.................... It's just sometimes the answer is NO."

    I hope you find the answers you are looking for, and find peace in your soul..
  3. if you ever read Jthm by johnen vasquez it says that when you
    get to heaven god is a lazy person who sleeps and everyone in heaven just sits around all day. even though they can get up and do anything they want they are just content sitting there

  4. lol, check out my avatar ;)

    but as for god, we may not even know of his existence when we die, of course if he's there we'll know, if he's not we won't, because we won't exist
  5. nail bunny kicks ass
  6. What you really have to ask yourself is..." Is man god's mistake or is god man's mistake ? "

  7. thats fucking deap

    there is not just one god for all god sis something that we use to explain the unknown, some have god some dont some use god to explain life the begining and the end. some dont even give him a thought and realize he is just a figment of our own immagination to explain things because as me we feear the unknown we dont know what happens after death so instead of fearing it we find a way to repress it using god. no one knew how the world began for a long time so we simply explained it as god did it, it just so happend these books were passed and lived through the years to help form our beliefs god is a personal tool for everyman!

    religion is a tool for society to bring unity between people. its a lot easier to control a united group than coupple different groups,......i personally dont believe in religion anymore but do believe in God, religion jjust seams to be nothing but cults to me only difference is numbers and acceptence mormans were a cult, now its a religion because of numbers.

    the happiest people in life are athiest and devote religious people- people who will never question their faith

    the people with deppression are the ones confused and undecided

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