Is There A God?

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  1. i am currently agnostic and i am now at an [8] and pondering whether there is a god or not? also if there is lift after death. is there anyone out there that could convince me (either way) or if there are religions for such.

  2. There is; you may call him Oscar for short. :smoke:
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  4. I think so. But I think of god as like a supernatural life-force, if that makes sense. I obviously don't know for sure though and neither does anyone else. 
  5. God is consciousness. 
    We contain a part of consciousness.
    We are God. 
  6. if we are god then should we be praying to ourselves?
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    Well yes. We should glorify human spirit and treat each other* as equals...
    God is mainly used to belittle humans into collectively supporting each other. I believe in the opposite. 
  9. im not quite following could you elaborate with a little easier understanding remember im still  :smoking:
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    It's all connected man. lol  :bongin:
    I think that together our consciousness stems together to create whatever you might call a God. 
    Yes. It's called "masturbation." :D
    Hmmm, I don't know what an [8] is.
    I have a God. My God stated that He is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in truth and in spirit.
    To understand the things of God, a man must share the spirit of God. It is the spirit of God who reveals to a man the things of God.
    I don't really put much effort into "convincing" someone to believe as I do. 
    If I could argue you into my belief, someone else could come along and argue you into theirs just as easily.
    If you really are seriously curious about knowing my God, spend some time alone with him. It's His spirit you seek enlightenment from. I call it prayer, others might think of it as meditation. Quiet, alone, sincere, and open, focus solely on seeking God.
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    I "beat" you to it? lol
  16. Not even "god" just any deity to get me through the tough times to come.
    Just look in. You got all you need to get through anything.

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