is there a dr in the house?

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  1. Little help. Attached pic shows a little brown spotting and below a leaf that started spotted and has since dried. The plant is 18 days old but started spotting a week or so ago. In other words pretty early for any nutritional or watering or ph aberration I would think. Otherwise the plant looks great. There are 3 other plants sharing the same experience and there is nothing awry. In fact this one is the most aggressive grower, the largest plant.
    Look familiar?

  2. wouldn't sweat it at all if the rest of your plant and the newest gowth is healthy.
    leaves just die along the way man..
  3. Augusts advice is always golden, so listen to him over me of course.....but at 18 days I think it's a little soon for leaves to be turning my very unexperienced opinion, I'm thinking nute burn. 

    Seeing as the only one affected is the biggest one, I'm guessing it has absorbed more....But like August said, the new growth looks sweet, so it's probably fine now anyway.....

    And I could always be wrong, although that literally has never happened before ever!
  4. If you are still around A.W, I could use a little help on a light routine cock up that transpired today if you could be so kind? :)
  5. Are you using nutes? Not that I think it's nute burn from
    Feeding but it looks just like a water spot. If the drops of water have nutes they leave that same looking thing on the leaf. Just an idea. Even without nutes , with the right lights regular water drops that get heat dried can even do that. Still nothing to fret about
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    She's on Happy Frog which has supplements but not a ton and it's cut 1 part to 3 with perlite. I  consider adding more food after a couple of weeks. Day 17 I added DynaGro Grow 1 ml (that's not very much), but she was showing the above mentioned symptom before the Dynagro was added. Nute burn? I don't think so. Plants just do stuff. They're not all perfect.
  7. The tips are curled down on that same leaf. Normally it's a sign of to much n. Since you bothered to post and than tell people it's nothing I would say not much.

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