Is there a doctor in the city?

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. CONTAMINATION ZONE (BTW I'm baked like a potatoe, so if you want, you can skip to the last sentence in my post. Its basicly all I have to say.

    Okay.. So I'm sick. Wendnesday was a small sore throat.. I thought it might have just been smoking too much. On wendnesday I had about 1/8. Thurday it got worse, and friday it was gone. But on friday, the gland thingy under my tongue was starting to be swollen and it hurt. I didnt know what to do since it never happened before, so I just let it go figuring it would go away. Two days later theres a bunch of kanker sores on it..

    Yea its that bad. So it hurts to talk, to eat, to move my tongue at all (it doesnt hurt to smoke... phew).

    I found this badass dictionary thing online.. Its very in depth.

    STONER SIDETRIP So anyways, I tried to eat cheesecake, and it hurt, so I made some tea, and it felt better, but I wanted macaroni because I was stoned by then.. So now te macaronis gone, the teas gone, and only some of the water I got is left.

    So anyways, I was on the dictionary thing, and I started looking for stuff about my symptoms.. I thought it was just the flu at first.

    But now I think its the mumps. Mumps?! WTF, the vaccine came out in 67, so why- HOW could I get mumps?

    By this point in the story I smoked a lot of weed.


    I think I have mumps.
  2. wow weird...i have a really really sore throat as well and my sinuses are really fucking with my head. i guess just get some Vit. C in your body and if you want a really fast recovery then try these things called Emergen-C they're 1000mg of C in a tasty drink(you just add a pack to 6oz of water and shazam
  3. Sounds good to me.. Can I get it in a regular drug store?
  4. I followed your instructions and skipped to the last sentence of the post, read mumps accently as letters. instead of a word. and I'm high, that would suck to have something bad.
  5. hmm i dont actually know where i buy mine off the net in bulk, i take about 3000mg a day. im guessing maybe GNC carries it but who knows.

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