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(Is there a divorce lawyer in the city??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Here is the story..

    Me and the wife got married 18 years ago.. She used to smoke on a regular basis.. After we had been married a while, she only smnoked occasionally with me.. 10 years ago she stopped smoking completely.. Now she is doing her best to MAKE me stop.. I told her that MJ was a big part of my life and I don't want to give it up.. She told me that if I didn't give it up that it would prove that I love MJ more than her.. I could have told her that myself.. LOL

    Now i'm back into seeing my lawyer again..

    What would ya'll do in this situation??
  2. hey buddy..whats goin ooooooon buuuuuuddy?? thats a tough one BH! wow its like that eh? thats not fair shes putting you in that position! what to do, what to do..hmm how long have you been thinking about all the lawyer talk? does she know thats what your thinkin?
  3. Been thinkjing about it for a week.. Been talking to him taday.. No she doesn't know...
  4. THAT sucks. im glad my ol lady hasnt put me in that position, if she did, i think we would be over. she doesnt smoke at all, she used to with her girlfriends, but was to embarrased to around me. the only time she would demand to smoke though is if we rolled. now we dont roll, so she dont smoke. i think i also had a lot to do with it, i finally got her to smoke with me once and gave her some hydro. needless to say she never wanted again, she stated she didnt "trust" my weed :) but seriously thats like asking someone to stop living. i like life. does she know what youve got brewing?
  5. If it really comes down to it you should put her before a plant, but that's not what's happening here. She doesn't need you to give it up (in any context) therefore it's not whether you love her enough, it's whether she loves you enough to put up with the things she doesn't like. This means that she doesn't love you, she loves the person she wants you to be.

    It's up to you my man, and I don't know a single lawyer of any sort.

  6. You are right Krazi.. She has spent the last ten years trying to mold me into the husband she wishes she had..

    I give up drinking for her.. Now I have decisded that If I want a drink now and then i'll drink it.. I gave up alot of my friends as well.. I just think it's time to live for me and the kids for a while...

    I also give up the weekly sex. now it's once every other month if I'm lucky!!!!

  7. damn man u must really like her...i also agree w/krazi...
  8. arh ,l think l,ve already told ya what l thought 18 mths ago :D

  9. I totally agree. Once you give into one insane demand then it will be that much easier the next time, and the next time. It doesn't matter whether it's weed or sports cars or going golfing with your frineds. You have to make a stand for yourself and for the things that give you pleasure in life. If she's not happy with you and has been trying to mold you all these years then the jokes on her...every man has a breaking point
  10. I don't think I could put any advice any better than the crazy wabbit. ;)

    It's a big part of your life and she's always known that. She accepted you smoke, why the big change now?

  11. You would have to know this woman to understand.. Some times I wish I didn't know her..

    I tried to find the last thread I made... I'll keep looking for it..

  12. Lmao!! I've heard that enough in my time to know it's always complicated (read pain in the arse) when that's the situation. ;)
  13. fight for your kids.

    don't fight for you, or agaisnt her.
  14. If your son now thinks his mother hates him he has got to be under a lot of stress. If you feel she has been unfair with you for a long time and that she does not treat the kids well, and it seems you think this way, then you may want to do something drastic like find a job in a state like california or somewhere that you can get a perscription for your medical mj (you really have arthritis and what not from childhood right) that way your wife would have no issue to hand over your head. I think if you split with the kids and file for divorce as soon as you get to california or whatever saying that she had issues which affected the kids mental state of well being you would not be in legal trouble.

    If you file for divorce and stay in Tennessee you may want to deny that you smoke grass and quit for like a month so as you could pass drug tests, I think she will play the pothead card in court if she has done it before.

    California may be like a dream cause i understand people has got family somewhere that they want to stay near so maybe grandman and grandpa are there in tennessee for the kids.

    PS I always thought Tennessee was one hell of a state. You all got some awesome scenery and a lot a mighty sociable people down there. You people know how to party right too!!!

    Have you ever been to Lynchburg to the Jack Daniels distillery? My dad and I give Jack Daniels to people here in France and they see Tennessee, whats that. We tell em its the state that makes the best whiskey (sorry kentucky) in the USA. I smoked some crazy outdoor grown grass from there before too. And the attitide of people is so cool.

    Their attitude is all like, i'll mind my own business and so long as you all mind your own business we wont have a problem.
  15. Bud Head has his business stuff along with his family in TN. I don't think moving to Cali is an option.

    I'm going to go ahead and tell you what I think. SURPRISE SURPRISE! I was shocked as shit when you got back with her and made your little announcement about it. I couldn't believe it. Then, she seemed to be cool about things and she had her shit together, or so she made you think, so I was happy if you were. Now you're not so happy.

    I think she needs to go. After all of this time, compromises apparently don't work and she only wants to change you. People who want to change another person only love who they want the other person to be. That's no way for you live, Bud Head. You have worked too hard in your life and have raised what seem to be kick ass shouldn't have to sacrifice your happiness for her jacked up shit.

    I know your kids come first. Keep it that way. Butt Head comes next. You remember that and do what you have to do to be happy. Her shit is going to end up killing you. She knows about your high blood pressure and might be pulling your strings on purpose if she has a cold heart. If she is, she's gonna get a Rumjilly beat down.

    I love ya, man. Do what is best for your kids and you...not her. She's got it made with you and doesn't even know it. There are many women being abused mentally and physically by their husbands on a daily basis. Their self-esteem is stripped away and they're submissive and sad. You just work your ass off and get stoned while raising kids. She's lucky to have you but her not realizing that is on her, not you.

    Good luck, sweetness!
  16. What rumjilly said :D [ya save me alot of time trying to work out how to say things properly my friend,Thanks[​IMG]]
  17. Rumjilly called me butt head... I am flattered...

    I know that ya'll are right.. I see myself as being a little selfish as well.. *I guess that is my biggest problem now and always has been...

    I guess I may feel guilty for not being able to be this person she wants me to be.. I think that things will always get better and watch as things turn sour.. I wonder (to myself) why I can't fix the broken parts of life that brings us down..

    All I ever want is for people to be happy and life be easy, even though I work so hard myself..

    I am making decissions one at a time as to what I will do next.. Right now I am concentrating on my mom and the kids.

    I have talked to my lawyer again and I caan file (through the court) another motion for a hearing of compliance .. meaning..... that she only changed for a short time and then went back to being the who knows what again.

    Onlt time will tell...

    Thanks blades for your input..

    RMJL...Me and you have got to meet up.. You are one hell of a great person..
  18. I hate trying to give people advice about things that are as serious as this. So I won't.

    All I feel I have any right to say is I will be thinking of you and hoping everything works out for the best interests of everyone.

    But they're right, you should definately think of your kids first, and yourself second.

    Love ya BH, and only want the best for you. :)
  19. Hey BudHead, I am so sorry. You do have great kids! Saw that with my own eyes! All the best karma possible sent your way!!!

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