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Is there a difference between drug screening and testing?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Carharttkid, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Is there a difference between the two? what i suspect is the drug screen is a simple test (like a walmart test) to show if the sample is negative or positive, then the company uses a test to make sure...can someone confirm this? and are screens any easier to beat? If dilute the sample by drinking a lot of water will they test for creatine and shit?

    To give you some info the test is a "Drug screen/pain management test" at my doctors office. Last i smoked was last wednesday. Thanks blades :smoke:
  2. A drug screen for pain management is for the doctor to make sure that you are taking the pain medication as prescribed. It isn't to see if you are taking illegal drugs so they can report you to the police. It's just to protect themselves from patients who abuse the system. Besides that, you should tell your doctor all of the drugs you take, both prescribed and un-prescribed.

  3. Yeah i know the pain management is used for monitoring pain medications but it was drug screen/pain managment...maybe if they only test me for opiates ill be in the clear
  4. Just curious, why don't you want your doctor to know you smoke?
  5. Your doctor can't tell anyone that you smoke if you tell him. Doctor-patient confidentiality... Just tell him, you don't want him prescribing something that'll mix poorly with bud.

  6. I'm pretty sure he knows i smoke, ive told him before its just the fact that my parents will make me tell them the result and i dont want to get busted
  7. Lie to your parents or tell them you smoke if they are actually the problem...

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