is there a celebrity or character people say you look like?

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  1. I am watching the movie The Hangover, and decided to post this. When I have a full beard, I get the guy from this movie all the time. A month ago, some guys on the bball court mentioned this resemblence, and that was without the sides grown in...

    by the way, for all the people that have read my posts, my friends would say this character resembles me the most. Though I am more active and above average in sports, the similiarities between me and Allen are pretty funny.

    what do you guys get?
  2. Jackson rathbone (jasper from twilight)..

    Gay as hell but girls are always saying he's sexy so oh well lol
  3. When I had longer hair I use to get Johnny Depp all the time.

  4. Jesse McCartney (if my hair was longer and more gay looking, then maybe)
    Colt McCoy (kinda.... meh)
    Eminem (when my hair is shaved)
  5. When I was like 12 I looked extremely similar to Thurman murman (the kid) from Bad Santa. Not the most flattering comparison but I can't deny it lol.
  6. I've been told everything from Robert Pattinson to Cameron from Ferris Bueller. It all depends on my haircut.
  7. shaggy from scooby doo haha
  8. Multiple people have told me I look like Jim from The Office.

    I actually do a whole lot too.. shit
  9. People say i look like that chocolate rain guy or Kevin Durant
  10. yes sanda you look like zach however the fuck you spell his last name.

    Me? Oh, any ginger celebrity. Because you know, it's so fucking humorous
  11. Brad Pitt gets told he looks a lot like me, on a regular basis.
  12. the dude from Grandma's boy ...
  13. Me too! Especially when I grow his stubbly goatee! :D
  14. Some lady who came into Target where I work told me I look like Aston Kutcher. I fail to see it.

  15. I get the exact same as you OP. I was known as Alan for two years. People even started thinking it was actually my name. Every time, I'd have to say to them no, my name's *insert my name here*, and then they'd ask why people called me Alan then. Then I'd explain to them about the character, and then they'd start calling me Alan as well. 'Twas a never ending cycle :(

    A technician at my old school said I looked like Mick Hucknall as well once, the daft bint. Of course I mean from in the 80s, not how he looks now.
  16. alex from a clockwork orange
  17. Uhh I can't remember any other than one of my friends says I look like the kid from Stewart little lol
  18. [​IMG]

    But I don't really look anything like him

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