Is there a "best" way to grow for a small home setup?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by abqjt, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Nobody had answered that yet, and I was curious, so thank you. I intend to look into that route, as I am not opposed to building a better set up for the same price if it is possible. He won't have his grow permit for another 30-60 days I believe, so I'd like to try to get him all set up in that time.

    Also, took a look through your grow thread. Very impressive yield for a single plant in a relatively small area. Gives me hope that if I do enough research and spend enough time/money up front, we might be able to expect a similar collective yield out of 4 plants on the first go around.
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  2. I strongly recommend simplicity .. anyone can grow it, but to do it right takes research, trial, and error.

    based on all of the research i've done .. i strongly recommend looking into Hempy Buckets and h3ad formula.
  3. Interesting. I'll do some looking into it, but realistically after speaking with my father, he feels more comfortable growing in dirt. He doesn't understand hydroponics, and while sure, we could learn, he at least has some experience growing in soil already, even if it was many years ago and far less scientific than things are nowadays. I won't take the hydro idea off the table, but to me, it seems far less simplistic.
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  4. Forgot that I had started this thread. Started another once I got the grow going full speed. A lot has changed in the last 8 months. I'm currently on my 3rd grow, getting ready to flip these to flower and just dropped some more seeds that are popping now.

    Short version of my first round with white widow - ended up with 3 plants that produced over 20oz of herb. Ended up spending way more time and money than originally planned, but the old man is stocked up and shouldn't run out or have to pay the dispensary ever again as long as he keeps things rolling.

    Here is a link to my grow/log thread in case anyone decides they want to check it out. Tell me what I'm doing wrong or could be doing better
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