is there a agricultural breakdown?

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  1. i understand, information is spread around now like never before, but, there are just mass issues that seem to effect great numbers of plants and there seem to be widspread. The phylloxera(root aphids),, blight, i mean, these are just two, but, there are very large issues happening currently, and, the other ecological distresses, like the salton sea.

    i'm just saying, there seems to be some issues that we do not understand about cultivation without great diversity, as such that would be found naturally, without human intervention.

    ether way, it is curious.
  2. Theres over 7 billion mouths to feed and only X amount of land that is able to be cultivated, not to mention famines and diseases... Nature is a bitch
  3. highrise aeroponic farms are the future. it requires less nutrients less water, and the plants can be kept safe from desease and also are easy to quarentene. (however you spell tha)

    indoor lighting will replace the sun for some plants (ones that can handel artificial light).

    head over to the grow forum for weed and ask some peeps about the cool shit theyve done. It can be done with most plants not just weed
  4. get rid of 6.9 billion and problem solved.
  5. I took a class this last semester called "Tropical and Subtropical Horticulture" and we learned all about fruits and vegetable crops grown in the tropics and subtropics, it was really surprising how over the last few decades several large agricultural corporations have taken over and substituted the wide variety of cultivars of different fruits with one or two main crops that are grown all over the world and most people never see more than one type of banana ect. Most of it has to do with consumer demand for perfect aesthetically pleasing food, which means the corporations will develop varieties that look the best and can stay nice and pretty over long sea voyages from the tropics, but that taste half as good as others that might get a little more bruised in transit, so people pick up the nicer looking one in the grocery store. Then the grocery store only orders the nicer looking ones because those are the ones that sell the most.

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