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is their any place in you house that the ...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ~420blaze~, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Is their any place in your house that the police honestly wouldn't find your stash if they had a warrant to your house? Or does any one have have experience or no anybody that has gotten away with their stash in their house while it being searched?:cool:
  2. That is a good idea, but it would be an inconvenience if they weren't home or lived with rents
  3. well how much are you trying to hide?

    small amounts, back packs (im pretty sure they are not allowed to unzip anything without another warrant/consent) or in coat pockets.

    if you got a big amount i think maybe an attic crawl space behind the insulation.
  4. i would try to get it out of the house
  5. Allittle larger but nothing crazy, thats a good idea with the insolation, any other ones?
  6. bury it in your yard
  7. Someone told me ushaully if you are younger they only look threw your room does any one no if that is true ?
  8. If they are hell bent on finding it then they will. With a warrent it grants them the right to look anywhere, tear down any wall, rip up your backyard. I suggest a friends house if you're that paranoid but then again do you have a reason to be so paranoid.

    Also depends on the warrent. If it aint your house then they might only get one for your room and the common rooms.
  9. Yea it isnt my house, so would it be safe put in the bacement in like a crawl space that has a bunch of old junk in it so it would be difficult to find
  10. There is no place in anybody's house that the police won't find your stash if they have a warrant.
  11. put it in your car and park somewhere else.
  12. Pretty much this, except for one occasion with a good friend of mine.
  13. What about the washer?
  14. Just don't give the police a reason to apply for a warrant. No loud, cannabis fueled house parties, don't blaze in public where someone might recognise you, don't deal out of your house or via your landline, and be cautious of narcs. Know your dealer, observe the routes that the police cruisers make regularly and try to avoid them to and from picking up. Don't do anything pot related on facebook or other social networks. Know your rights concerning searches, being detained and being questioned. Know how to talk to police in a respectful, co-operative way without admiting to being in the posession of pot. That's all I can think of, but the truth of the matter is, if they're hellbent on catching you, they are trained to succeed.
  15. Inside a working electrical appliance (not pc, First place they look) TV is usaly good. Im wondering if they check inside the bottom of cerial boxes :p
  16. If they are coming to your house to search it for drugs. The odds are that they will bring along their secret weapon. The Sniffer dog. You won't hide anything from him. Your best bet is to not give them a reason to come into your home.
  17. I was just wondering...I'll never have to be searched so w/e...don't be stupid.
  18. Yeah my buddy had 2 cops knockin on his front door in his apartment, he didnt look through the hole and found out it was 2 cops. He just finished smoking, they asked to search his room, and nothing was in plain site besides a bowl and they broke it and made him throw it away. Oh forgot to mention there was 2 bowls, a zip in 3 bags, and some shake on the table to the right of the door when you walk in. yes, hes very lucky
  19. With all due respect oldskool, I believe what the OP was questioning is are there any places that you feel you could hide your stash that they would NOT find it.

    A warrant does not bestow upon it's issuer psychic abilities. Yes, having one gives you the right to tear up every damn thing you can get your hands on, but it doesn't magically mean you're gonna find a pound of weed buried 15 feet underground in an airtight container. At least not without some seriously resilient cops and ground penetrating radar/sonar hardware that's usually way above the average PDs budget.

    Hell, if warrants were that "magical", they would have found Jimmy Hoffa by now... :D

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