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Is their a difference between weed trim and shake?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jvsdiojisio, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. If so, which is better to smoke? Is shake pretty much just grinded up weed?

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    trim is mostly leaves, shake I would imagine has more THC and thus is better to smoke. Shake is all the little shit that comes off buds that have already been trimmed, plus kief etc that comes off the nug, so I would assume it's better to smoke. Trim is usually used for making extracts, such as oil, bubble hash or edibles.
  3. Exactly what the blade above me said. Trimmings is the leaves and twigs you get from the cannabis plant when trimming the buds
    Shake is all the "ground" weed that falls off your buds when it's in a bag. Shake is just mini buds.
  4. So is trim good to put in a joint and smoke? Or is it only used for edibles?
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    It may get you a buzz if it is decent trim, but it taste like crap and will not be as potent as bud. Trim is pretty much all the crap off a plant that won't sell for smoking. It should be pretty damn cheap as well if you are actually buying trim.
  6. Trim = shit that is trimmed off the bud. Basically leaves and all that good stuff. It might give you a buzz, but i wouldn't smoke it. Theres a reason its not on the bud when you get it.
    Shake = ground nugs of weed. Sometimes, if you have enough weed (say an ounce), pieces of bud can get knocked off the bugs, resulting in pieces of ground bud falling to the bottom of the bag. "Shake" can be used to describe any type of ground weed, though. For example "i ground my stash into shake instead of leaving it as nugs"
  7. My trim is ass kicking. I pull all the fan leaves from the cola's and trim all the sugar leaves from the buds most of the leaves are half or better completely leaves with tricomes and small popcorn buds. My large buds are not as pretty as the ones in the dispensarys but have a lot more tricomes because of sugar leaves are still on the buds they just take longer to dry and cure.

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