Is the US a failure ?

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  1. "Americans need to be told that they will need to invest before they can consume, and that the cure will take years rather than months to take effect. It's not a happy message, and no one in politics is willing to deliver it - if indeed anyone in politics understands it."

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    Is the US finished ?
  2. Fingers crossed man, fingers crossed :D
  3. Agreed. We can only hope...
  4. Well, it has one of the longest standing constitutions in the world, is a military superpower and is part of the G8. Also, our culture is exported to all the other developed countries (turn on the radio/T.V my stoner brothers from other countries). We dominate the world of music, movies, and television. In comparison relative to most other established nations, our system of government has worked surprisingly well, with an utter lack of coups and what have you. Sure, our economy is in the can (although has been on an incline) and our politicians, well, act like politicians, but as far as countries go, America is pretty much one of the best ones a person could hope to live in.

    THAT SAID: I am completely in favor of the abolition of any sort of class and power distinction between people. I am a constant dissenter of both our major political parties and am disgusted by our needless lust for possessions. We are so, so very flawed as a nation but, well, look around. Compared to other superpowers (China, Russia, North Korea, etc), I believe our country comes out looking fairly good.
  5. I agree with you in theory, but how exactly could you do this without destroying capitalism and implementing socialist policies?
  6. Anarchy, my friend. Of course, I would never act in violence unless necessary, so I'll just go on dreamin' :rolleyes:
  7. Class and power are merely social constructs. What you are proposing is controlling everyone's ideas.

    But that requires a person to decide what ideas are the ones to be allowed and not allowed, and someone to actively do the controlling.

    Which means that there will be a power imbalance and class imbalance between those being controlled and those doing the controlling.

    Repeating liberal talking points might help you score with dumb girls... but logically it is self-contradictory and makes absolutely no sense.
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    That sounds like US foreign policy to me..
  9. It may. It may not. But NRK's position is logically inconsistant.

  10. I'm not a liberal.......... at all. Liberals are for a stronger central government while I proposed no government at all. I'm befuddled.
  11. I can tell you're befuddled. That's what I'm trying to help you fix.

    You are talking about how you are proposing no government at all, while at the same time proposing to somehow control the thoughts, actions, and possessions of every single person everywhere.

    Do you see how these are contradictory?
  12. I am curious to hear your explanation how, on the one hand, you say society has no right to tell someone what to do, how to do it, or what to believe in...yet, on the other hand, you say society has the right to restrict the actions of people if it so chooses.

    How are these not contradictory??

    I think you should be careful with your own contradictions...and the personal attacks.
  13. Chief,

    I am not asserting my own opinion in this thread, I am asserting and demonstrating how his opinions are self contradictory.

    I am neither agreeing or disagree with him, just pointing out the contradiction.
  14. I see what you mean, I believe I've miscommunicated my views. By abolishing power and class structure, it was not mentioned that this would be a gradual and careful process done by the cooperative efforts of the people to learn how to live without elected leaders. Also, by no class, I simply meant that we wouldn't be torn apart by the American dollar any more and we would have no use for the "rich part of town" and this and that. I do understand how my comments may have been perceived as hypocritical by my vague and brief exposition of my own beliefs. I would like to dedicate this kieftastic snap to you for the engaging political debate and making your voice heard. Anything else you would like to say? I imagine this will be ever more delightful after I boost my herbal med intake a bit. :D

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    You may not have been asserting your opinion in that particular post, but based on many of your previous posts I can only assume you very much agree with the first notion that I quoted (I don't think I need to go through and quote said posts to prove my point). In which case, my question still stands...
  16. The more I view politics and hear people talk the more I realize it's about equally important as it is trivial.

    The entire political system in the US (and probably globally), to me, is a fabrication. All of this silly shit, economics, politics, presidencies, an illusory system of checks and balances, blah. If you listen to politicians, and people in the media, it's just a joke to them. The left says the right is evil, the right says the left is stupid, and anything in between will argue with everyone else.

    Yet, meanwhile, the people who own the world are still rich as hell and deciding things regardless of the populations wants or needs.

    So, in my mind, the US can't fail, because all of our 'problems' are false. If it does 'fail' it's part of the plan. Equally irrelevant and quite frankly none of my business.

    Right now I'm sitting in a warm house at a computer, drinking a root beer and communicating with people across the globe, waiting to go out and smoke some weed. can't be that much of a failure.
  17. Merely social constructs? Just because it's merely the working classes who are being fucked by the tiny capitalist wealth producing class (and increasingly the middle classes being milked for their taxes) doesn't mean it's any less of a grim reality to those effected. A social construct, yes, but a very powerful one that sees millions of workers (predominantly in Indochina now) spending their lives devoted to furthering the source of this social construction just to survive.

    The contradiction you speak of lies in communism, capitalism or any other state based ideology by which the state (or privateers) exercises control over peoples rights and freedoms by holding a monopoly upon POWER. Now, I'm not saying I support the complete and total eradication of the state as a solution for everyone in society, or as a system that'll produce technological progress etc, but I am saying that if people want to live an individualist anarchist lifestyle (or whatever other lifestyle they want) then I'd fully support the state (I can't imagine a capitalist state doing this, but anyhow...) allocating to them as much land as they need to be able to set up an anarchist mini-country that coexists with the state and enriches society by enhancing freedom of choice and diversity. Isn't that a nice concept? If you want to live under the state system you can, and if you want freedom from the state and society you are free to go to anarchist land and live on your own terms! Huzzah for freedom of choice! :D
  18. class and power can never go away. They have been with us since we were monkeys.

    If one person has more money than others he has power. Even if we are all are given the same amount of money, people will still find ways to gain power over each other.

    Who ever controls the most important things has power.

  19. whoever comes up with the best concept has power, from using a club as a weapon, sticks to fire, the wheel for transportation, or a windmill to move water. these are all ideas one thinks upon, then dedicates his time to creating. should he not be rewarded and just have a pat on the back for these sort of life changing contributions? and if they shouldn't what prospers anyone to reinvent/modify for a superior product. gas stoves, automobiles, running water, and guns are all typically produced to make a buck, or we'd of never gotten this far as a species. shit, they'll sell you a god damn ride to the moon, that's capitalism, love it or leave it.

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