Is the universe alive?

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    Through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman.
    Is the universe alive?

    Watch it on YouTube. And discuss! :) :smoke:[ame][/ame]
  2. why wouldn't you just attach the youtube link?:confused_2:
  3. you should of posted a video =/
  4. lol i love that show

    but anywho, technically it has to be in one way or another... we, by definition, are part of the universe, and we are alive

    as someone once said "You are just the universe experiencing itself"
  5. Have not watched this one yet. I thought it'd be easy enough to search... But I added the link. Had to type it so let me know if it doesn't work.

    So far, I don't buy it.... Lol. So this could be a short thread. Lol.
  6. you dont buy what? That the universe could be alive?

    Look at yourself, then analyze the much more complex nature of the universe vs you, and how sentient you are.....

    You being alive in itself is already proof part of the universe is alive hahahaha
  7. Lol. True true.
    But we are but a speck on a speck on a speck on speck of a speck

    Is the universe itself alive?

    I do admit that I will need to get high to talk about this more haha
  8. I believe this is very true, if not, how do planets, stars, suns, & galaxies appear? This Universe is 1 big living thing imo.
  9. We are part of the universe...we are itself
  10. You serious? Did you go to school?

  11. Creationists are ruining science education for students.
  12. I look at the universe as a vast desert of wonder and pain.
  13. Of course the universe is alive... Now does the universe possess consciousness, like is it conscious that it is the universe...that's another's like that Russell guy said "consciousness and that what we are conscious of are two different day" something like that I'm high as a mutha and its been a long day lol

  14. We are conscious of being alive and being the universe though.

    I think what OP really wants to ask about is some kind of collective or meta-consciousness.
  15. what is alive?
  16. conscious
  17. Technically no. But it seems like its really similar. 1. Organisms are composed of different complexities of units: cells, tissues, organs, etc.
    Universe has organisms, asteroids, planets, stars, galaxies, etc.
    2. The universe is constantly changing: stars die and are created, constantly move, etc.
    3. Parts of the universe react to other parts: density pulls matter together, energy causes chemical reactions, etc.
    4. Organisms are made primarily of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and potassium. There are basic elements in the universe: carbon, helium, and more

    These are just some of the similarities. Interesting topic, I have never thought of this before.

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  18. The fundamental elements of life are from the nuclear fusion in stars. We are stars, we are the universe.
  19. [quote name='"SIRSOG"']

    We are part of the universe...we are itself[/quote]

    SIRSOG we're on the same page.

    The universe is very much "alive."

    Maybe not like we think of a person being alive or dead, but the universe is continuing on.

    We create our universe and perceive it.

    If youve ever looked into quantum superposition, basically in quantum physics everything is solved as if we, humans, are observing the quantum physical laws, but as soon as you alter the equation and account for us being apart of the physics the equations collapse and we're not able to solve or explain this phenomena.

    It is also fascinating that atoms are 90% empty space...

  20. Yeah, hate to play philosopher here but you got to in these discussions. What is "alive?" first off.

    Some would argue anything that vibrates is alive, concluding that anything and everything is alive. Some argue being conscious of yourself means your alive, which again, proves nothing because we can't speak for the self awareness of anything besides our own.

    Is the universe "alive?" I'd say yes, in my opinion. Energy makes this 'life' and there is nothing but energy out there. It's whether you think a bunch of these puzzle pieces of energy being together means your living whether or not you believe the universe is.

    Man, life's fucking rad.

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