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  1. So I just recently got my medical marijuana card, and I was looking to procure some clones to start growing. Upon the recommendation of some other forum members I checked with my local dispensaries and they said it's apparently illegal for them to sell seeds or clones. I'm unsure if this is because I need to go to a specialized dispensary or what. I've never gotten anything but bud, and even then I've always gotten it off the street being a teenager. As far as I know right now I'm S.O.L. . So anyway I started to look for a place online that might at least advertise that they sell clones. Anyway long story short I ended up finding this place called the strain bank. Their site seems professional enough, and they appear to have a good selection of strains. (Including GDP and Blackberry Kush, which are two strains that I really really want) so I looked around their site a bit more, and it says they don't have an actual storefront, which was concerning to me but I'm not an expert on how that sort of business would work, and I thought maybe they just sourced their clones from nurseries that they are affiliated with and it says they have a Vancouver branch, which is closest to me being right on the border of eastern Washington. Anyway I emailed them to get a quote on clones and ended up giving them a call. The guy I spoke to (I believe his name was marc) was very friendly. I asked about the cost of clones, and whether it would depend upon the strain. I explained that I wanted 3 each of GDP and BBK. He said that clones were $25 each +$100 S/H, totalling $250 in my case. I found this strange as I didn't figure they would be able to ship clones, I figured I'd have to pick them up at a dispensary or nursery of some kind in order to show my ID and prove I'm medically licensed to grow given my age and Washington state law making growing only legal with medical certification. Anyway he said no, they just ship via usps directly to me. I called back later to inquire if I'd need to prove my medical certification or anything while I'm ordering or having ID or my prescription upon delivery. He simply said "nope". This seemed really fishy to me, so I did more research and found several people claiming their company is entirely illegitimate and a scam. Let me clarify that I don't want to accuse them of anything, and will say that the customer service I've received thus far has been excellent. I'm only wary, because $250 is a good chunk of my income right now, and I'd hate to have it just vanish into thin air when I need it for medicine so that my disability won't affect me so negatively pain wise every day, and so I can sleep. So, that being said, anyone have any experience or advice to share? Perhaps an alternative to strainbank should they fall through? Preferably someone I can actually call and talk to, or who has a storefront I can stop in to see what they've got.

    Any advice is appreciated,
    ~ Hiller
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  2. Sounds like you got the shaft!
    Always check GC forums before ordering. Even check Google to be sure.
    100 for shipping is an outrage. Clone price is within limits though.
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  3. Try growing from seeds instead. There are a lot of legit seedbank that sell the strains you are looking for from different breeders. And you can build a marijuana garden with 250$ worth of seeds! The vault, attitude, Bonza seeds, Herbie's, Seedsman, just to name some of them.

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  4. I would grow from seeds, but I would rather stay away from ordering online. Just because that lessens the risk of getting scammed and or getting them seized or something. Do I have to go to like a special dispensary or something? Anyone know the best place to go? The doctor didn't really give me any direction on this
  5. Up to you but I have ordered from UK seed banks from another side of the world and have received it each time till now. 4th time is waiting to be shipped. They give a guarantee stealth and resend for free if they do get siezed and doesn't reach you.

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  6. Try this USA seedbank! Green Point seeds in Colorado..They take Credit cards too. I have gotten 3 orders from them without incident..Shipping is very fast, and the seeds I have gotten have been Primo! You will NOT get scammed and since they are in the USA, no customs to screw with..I got 2 orders of feminized seeds and recently picked out a promo of 10 regular seeds..This is the first time I have bought regular seeds:)
    They also do reverse auctions and give bonus points worth $$ on your next orders...
    COMMUNICATION IS EXCELLENT and I have chatted with the owner myself.
    I am NOT affiliated with anyone either..
    Dispensarys do not always want to sell you clones or seeds for that matter, since it cuts into their retail business.
    ie: Reno, Nevada is recreational legal and after speaking personally with their staffs, I doubt they will be selling clones...
    If you start from seeds, you are sure of what you are getting and are assured of good genetics (not unknown sex or poor genetics..) Note: this is my 1st grow and my take on a cloner!

    Good luck on whatever you decide!
    I made a DIY clone machine that
    I copied from a GC forum member:
    check out the thread:
    Lets Build a Clone Machine *Step by Step*
    Clones 4-25-17.jpg
  7. Thanks for the replies guys! I decided I'm just gonna order seeds online. Haven't found GDP yet, but I did find blackberry kush from dutch passion. However, it says "auto flowering feminized seeds". I'm aware that feminized means it's basically guaranteed to be a female plant, but I'm unfamiliar with the term auto flowering. Can someone explain please?
  8. Autoflowering means that the plants have a built in time clock and will begin to flower no matter what the lighting conditions are..12/12- 18/6--doesn't matter to the plants..they will flower no matter what!
    I have not tried autos, since I hear that sometimes yields can be on the low side...Photoperiod strains are sensitive to light cycles..Initially 18 on -6 off..then when you reduce the lighting time to 12/12, plants think winter is coming and will begin to flower! Hope this helps...
  9. I take the time to read more about the seed banks here. A lot of the times if the seeds come smashed in the mail(I never had it happen) they do replace it. They are just good service. Every thing I ordered seems to be the real deal as well. If you get from a good seed bank like listed, a lot of the time it comes with the Breaders packaging so you really know it's good.

    But I understand it's hard to have faith, but take the time to read about the seed banks you will find a lot of good things said. (LEARN TO CLONE SO YOU DONT NEED TO BUY SEEDS :D)
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  10. Is your state legal or not so legal?
  11. Okay that makes sense. I think that I'm gonna try to find the regular variety of that strain then, seeing as I like the idea of being able to control the length of the vegging period to get the plant as big as I can before I start the flowering phase.
  12. I would definitely prefer to grow clones, and my plan is to grow from clones after seeds since I can't seem to find anywhere to get clones

  13. NO NO...there is a major difference between photoperiods and just regular seeds...Regular seeds have a 50-50% chance of being Females! (usually regular seeds are way cheaper than Feminized seeds)..
    Unless I do them wrong and over stress, I should be safe:)
  14. When I said regular I meant non auto flowering. I plan to buy feminized seeds regardless and then use 2 of the 6 plants as mothers for clones.
  15. OK then..To avoid confusion I suggest::)

    Regular= not Feminized.
    Photoperiod= plant's flowering is controlled by light exposure times..
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  16. Noted. Thanks
  17. And stay away from any thing with autoflowers as you can not clone them. They are more new and done.
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