Is The Saying jungle Fever Racist ?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Earth Ling, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Bog props to you for being passive aggressive.
  2. I have jungle fever
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    People nowadays tend to take every word of the context very seriously. Don't understand what's the fussing about the word "jungle fever", I see it as somebody just fucking with you in a comedic way. 
    The word "bitch" used to be derogatory but since they adopted the word "bad" to the title, now all they want to claim it lol 
  4. i have temperate deciduous forrest fever
  5. Global Warming fever! My fever is the same as drug test piss, must be the sun. 
  6. I caught jungle fever a while ago..  I got it from a mosquito.  lol 
  7. Op, no

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  8. Lol coastal scrub fever :laughing:
  9. I have taco/pastelito fever, its really bad. Its a silly phrase I hope nobody takes it seriously.
  10. Don't know if its racist...but I have it. I watch almost exclusively black porn stars these days. Tyra Moore, lavish styles, Vanessa blue, Jada fire, Jenna brooks......shit is hot!
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    Word up!
  12. It is by definition. It's implying blacks are superior. Just because it's not negative towards blacks does not mean it's not racist...
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    Of course it's racist, the context is talking about an attraction to the race. Is it negative? It could be depending on tone. "She's got Jungle Fever". I see used more as a preference in most context and fever can be read into as a frenzy or craze than illness. It still has a connotation to race but it all depends on it's use. I have been infected with Yellow Fever for as long as I can remember. I love me some Asian women, in the West, "yellow" was a term for cowardice, i.e. "yellow bastards" however in the East, "yellow" is a color associated with pride and courage. Content is racist, context is subjective.
  14. yeah its racist man
  15. "Jungle Fever" is a mirror. If you are racist then your use of the term is racist, otherwise it's not.
  17. People need to stop bitching about thus shit.

    Racist jokes are funny. Everyone agrees. They don't make someone racist.

    Grow up.peeps. don't meet hate with more hate
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  18. My sense of humor =/= your bigot sense of humor
  19. I don't think it's a racist term... I think the way you are "defining" it sounds racist ...
    I'm mostly attracted to black men, but I don't describe it as having jungle fever. I'd just say I'm mostly attracted to black men.
  20. Does anyone have a reason behind thier prefrence?

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