Is the risk really THAT high to get caught buying drugs on the net?

Discussion in 'General' started by dlink01, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. I have been a member here for awhile now (browsed for some time then joined) and have read the constant threads talking about how suspect it is to buy things like Vicodin, Percs, and things like that.....because the quality of the drugs may be bad, you may never get the drugs, the government may be monitoring.

    With that said, my question kinda is just rehashing the obvious concern.

    Should people that go online and order drugs like Vicodin from a site that doesn't require an actual face-to-face doctor weary that a government official will come knocking on their door?

    I went to a site like and I got to the point of actual payment and all the sudden I got really worried about whether I should go through with it.

    I don't have any friends that can sell me them off the street nor do I really feel like going on the streets to find them. Would rather take the lazier way ;)
  2. It wouldnt hurt to try it once imo
  3. aint no one gonna come knocking on your door cause you ordered some a pill pusher? why fuck ur liver up? just smoke the all natural bud.
  4. i agree but i would like to see some responses frome satisfied customers before i actually sent any money
  5. id say honestly the quality pill is probably very comparable

    like, i really doubt that much bad shit gets in those pills, its probably just what the big drug companies pushing that message so they dont loose money.

    as for the pooolice, i dunno. probably not gonna be a problem but i dont know "how" illegal it is.

  6. Nah, I just enjoy a few every few months or so. Kind of a stress reliever for me.

    Been that way for years.

    I would say I take 20-25 vics or percs per year.

    I just went to and saw how easy it was and was curious how dangerous it actually is to order from sites like that.

    Seems all they want is a reason for the drugs and money and they will send it.

    Last thing I need is the Government knocking on my door asking about the pills I ordered
  7. when you have an illegal package sent to your house through customs, and they intercept it, they simply send you a letter saying that your package was confiscated and it then asks if you'd like to protest it

    i got 500 10mg valium coming in from cambodia in a week or 2:hello:
  8. for personal use, i doubt it. for distributing, i'd think they'd be more concerned....
  9. I appreciate the responses.

    I have never had any legal problems and get a bit nervous about doing something that may get me caught. I was just planning on ordering a simple bottle or two. Not some mass quantity.

    Oh well
  10. I just ordered some from, hopefully nothing bad will happen.
  11. I found a web-site in that has a board full of responses to a good amount of online pharmacy sites. It's obvious the first few responses to each site are spams but others are very telling.

    A few sites back in 2005 started off good but are now telling their patients that they are being shut down and some others are saying that UPS and the DEA are taking packages....ext....

    Other sites seem to be going strong with good responses though.....

    I guess my question is....if you send an order of Vicodin into a site....and a doctor calls you and talks to you....and you send them your ID and records....isn't that technically legal?

    Several sites on that watch list seem to be doing that....
  12. Depends on where you buy from, how much you buy, how you pay and how they ship, those all affect how "safe" it is.

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