is the purple power plant purple haze???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Blaze_420, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. as the question says is the purple power plant purple haze????

    and if nto does anyone know where to get purple haze seeds from???

    :D :D :D
  2. No its not purple haze is very very rare i dont even think Holland picked up the seed 2 begin with you wont find any purple haze seeds on da net it was really big back in the 70's Purple Haze Jimmy hendrix get it? I know its not extinct just so hard to find since it was way back then
  3. the strain doesn't exist anymore.

    or does but only in clone form, so you would need to find a very experienced grower and befriend him.

    other than that your sol.
  4. did a bit of research

    The roots of our Purple Haze begin in the foothills of the Bay Area, California in the 1970's. Famous from the Jimi Hendrix Lyrics of Purple Haze
    "Purple haze all in my brain. Lately things just don't seem the same."
    Haze has fluffy buds, a very long flowering period and delivers an intense rushing high.
    Haze has a complex aroma that almost smells like a plant other than cannabis. Haze is a strain that could have many medical applications the seeds are $20
  5. i doubt theres anything really special about it..just a big name. you know, placebo effect. get yourself some northern lights and you'd be baked just as good
  6. "A Rose is a Rose is a Rose" even you call as a Rose or with any other name.
  7. I wouldnt trust that site. Thats the only site on da bet that has purple haze and they only have a limited selection of seeds. and one of them just has 2 be p haze like i said be4 i dont think holland picked it up 2 begin with or any other hybrid breeder
  8. It aint that hard to find :)
    I was smokin sum last night :smoking:
    The seeds though ive never seen em n ive been smokin for quite a while now
  9. if any one knows were to get them
    tell me
  10. White Label Seed Company - Purple Haze (Feminised) - Online Shop

    not sure if its the real deal but i do know that i was growing real purple haze up until the seeds off an uncle who brought back 60 from cali a good few years back and managed to keep a good 8 plants but ended up getting a raid (snitched on) and it was of the best strains ever to enter my lungs.

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