Is The Puffit Vape Good Or Not Worth Buying

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by StonerHead237, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. I've been looking to buy the puffit vape but i really want to know if it will work well and if it gets clogged or anything. (Ive never had a vape so this would be my first) :confused_2: and if not i was wondering what would be a nice small vape

  2. nope. it aint good.
  3. do you have any suggestions. i was looking for something portable and discreet
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    Dude the puffit is fine, The battery life is a little short but other than that It's a decent portable vape.
    People just give it crap because the first generation puffit was screwed by the manufacturer. Since then they changed companies and they're fine.
    I'm happy as hell with my puffit. I prefer it over the iolite or the MFLB.
  5. do you get pretty high off the first bowl or does it take 2-3 bowls?
  6. well it's got a .25g bowl so I only need one lol. The trickiest part is finding the heat setting that's best for you. 
  7. which works for you?
  8. I set mine to 7, it sets the heat high enough to vape most of the cbds, though I've run into people who don't like the heat and keep it aroung 4-5
  9. Also I've used my puffit in public and noone takes a second glance, it's almost funny. 
    If you plan on using it in public though I'd advise getting the blue one, it looks more like an actual inhaler.
    also, order from puffitup if you can, they send goodies with it all for the original price. I got nice grinder and an apple caramel sucker with mine :D
  10. how much did you pay?
  11. And does it have these holes[​IMG]
  12. and how often do you need to change the filter
  13. also what did it appear as on your debit/credit card
  14. My friend has had it for almost a year and it still gets us high as fuck. The battery just sucks with more than three people
  15. I went with the MFLB as my first portable vape, but this is definitely my next purchase! I've heard great things about it.
  16. it's 140, yes it has the holes(screws) and how often you change the filter depends on how finely you grind and how densely you pack
  17. what did it appear as on your card when buying it. six whatever or puffitup
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    I honestly can't remember, sorry :/
    why is it an issue?
    Edit: puffitup has great customer support, you can contact them live through the site, you can ask them about billing
  19. my wife doesn't like me charging the credit for stupid stuff haha :smoke:
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    for sure, I used my girlfriends card when I ordered mine lol.
    And it's not stupid, it's for you health...obviously :ph34r:

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