Is the Pope thinking about retiring this year?

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  1. According to this Italian news source he sure is. The reason, well it's because he's old as hell and can't handle being a public figure anymore. Who knows whats true or not but lets see what happens this year, 2012, and what an exciting & deadly year it has been so far.
  2. He's going to retire.. then the next and final pope will come into place! It's coming true.

    Thanks OP for the read.
  3. I'm thinking about is.Has the pope ever said anything about weed,if he did what did he say about it?
  4. The next and final pope? Huh? Please elaborate.
  5. Like all things in life that are fun, the Pope probably is against.
  6. The Catholic church is biggest criminal organization in the world. God is a lie, sorry but it's true.
  7. Pope must be on Dope.
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  9. Ah I see. Nice, well then I'll still say that the pope will be retiring soon and the next pope paul will be the final.
  10. What are you talking about "final pope"?
  11. Crazy conspiracies from biblical prophecies
  12. wasnt he a nazi or something?

  13. yeah like all germans HAHAHAHA America FUCK YEAH!

    anyways... the final pope? you guys need to chill and not take this 2012 shit too seriously, you might end up being disappointed.
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    Not a Nazi because he was just a boy during Hitlers reign, but was forced to join the Hitler Youth. He also is accused of covering up a huge child molestation scandal, how surprising Catholic priests fucking kids, and in this case it was over 200 deaf kids. I hope he retires in Hell.
  15. You need to increase your reading comprehension because only 1 poster is talking about the "final" pope and I've been asking him what the hell he is talking about, to which his response is its some biblical conspiracy... well no shit.

    And who the fuck is talking about 2012 shit?
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    What are you going to several years from now when everything is still the same?

    Is this last pope the black poop you spoke of?
  17. Doesn't the pope want to baptize some aliens first?

    I'm thinking we might see that this year.

    I'm not holding my breath tho.
  18. [quote name='"dotgif"']Crazy conspiracies from biblical prophecies[/quote]

    Except, of course, that it isn't if you actually understand the Bible.

    Every post you make about anything remotely connected to the Bible shows that you're wildly ignorant about biblical scholarship and read the Bible with an evangelical bias, despite the fact that you claim to not follow religion, just the Bible.

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