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Is the piece I made safe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pot Toker, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. I made a piece out of a plastic (I thought it was metal, but upon further inspection decided that it might be plastic...) pen. I unscrewed the metal tip and the top eraser part and just kept the middle piece. Then I took the metal tip off another pen and put it in one end of the middle piece backwards, so it's like a bowl. The only thing is, the outside of the pen is black, and the inside is gold. I didn't really think much of this, but I ran the lighter over the gold/black part just to see, and it smelled weird. I smoked anyway, but could there be paint on it or other chemicals that are bad for me? Should I keep on using it?
  2. sounds unsafe dude, all kinds of paints or toxins (including those coming from smoking plastic especially) are very bad for your lungs. make an apple pipe, a carrot pipe, a watermelong bong, or papers. or better yet, go buy a ten dollar pipe (best soln.)
  3. what u need to do is save up for gas money and money for a bowl bong 1 hitter ect. and get ur dealer to drive you to a local headshop or try to get him to sell u a piece most will be happy to make a profit :) prob solved or if u ahve a car get one homades are bad unless u no what to do dont ruin ur longs for a high
  4. I wouldn't use it anymore dude. You can find a decent piece for under $10.
  5. I would play it safe and stop using it. I'm sure you can scavenge up 6 bucks for a bowl :)
  6. That's diecast metal, made with lead and other crap fillers, belongs in the trash or on your desk bro.

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