Is the pax vaporizer worth the money?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by bong76, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Sorry if I'm not supposed to double-post, I made A thread about this in "General" but it didn't get much attention.

    Basically, I'm about to blow all my money on the pax ($250$). I already own a Da Buddha vaporizer and am looking for a little upgrade. Not to mention I could really use it as a portable go-to, similar to an MFLB. The only problem is the steep pricetag.

    I get a paycheck every now and again so this won't e the last time I have money in my pocket. Is it a bad idea to blow it all on the Pax?
  2. How 'bout saving yourself some money and get a Solo?
  3. +1

    Get the Solo for $160, it does almost everything better than the PAX except being slightly less stealthly, save the extra $90 for a rainy day
  4. The thing is I want it because I snowboard and feel like stealth is the main pull factor for the pax
  5. I'm gonna take mine to the mountain tomorrow :smoke:
  6. if you already have a dbv and you are looking for a portable vape, the pax will serve you well.

    although the solo is cheaper and is preferred by some, the pax is truly portable and is still a terrific portable vape(even though it is conduction)

    i love mine :D
  7. Yea if you snowboard the PAX would work better, but if you're strapped for cash the Solo will do the job

    Use the MFLB battery caps to preload the glass stems for the Solo in advance, which will get the job done as well
  8. I own a PAX and I can say it is very good it is stealthy gets you very baked and portable the only bad thing is you have to clean after every dozen uses but it is very simple to clean. IMO i would go for PAX
  9. Ok guys I just looked up the solo vape and
    It's like $230 roughly on most sites. Where are you guys seeing it for $160?

  10. could be mistaken, but i believe that puffitup still has a coupon for the solo for $160
  11. Pax is good, but you have to clean it a lot.
  12. The only thing I don't like about the Pax is that when it's on, it's constantly cooking your herb even when you're not hitting it. That's what happens in a conduction vape.
  13. That is not a big problem honestly I don't wanna wait 1 minute between hit anyway
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    Understood. For me, it would be though.

    All vapes have their pro's and con's. It just about picking the one that has more pro's than con's...........for you. Could be totally different for someone else. That's why there's no such thing as "the best" vape.
  15. How Long do you wait between each hit, I can see if you are vapour bonging it would be a problem but you can't do it with the PAX anyway
  16. Go for the Pax man, you won't regret it. I usually draw continuously, once every 20-30 seconds or so. Nothing comes close to the stealth of the Pax, you can pretty much vape anywhere. You hear of a lot of Solo owners who don't recommend the Pax, but hardly any Pax owners who don't recommend the Pax!

  17. I have the Pax and i love its soooo good, the MFLB is stealthier but no where close to the performance of the Pax
  18. You can't?

    [ame=]Ploom Pax + 15mm rubber boot + glass (delta9 octopus matrix) - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Home Depot is your friend here

    Start looking for a 15mm rubber boot, might even be at an auto parts store for ignition wires

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