is the paperbag method neccessary for the drying/curing?

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  1. i cant wait to harvest in about 2 weeks and ive been reading alot of stuff on drying and curing so, is this right?

    hang the buds, good airflow but not direct, no light. and there are some controversy to know when the buds are dry, like if the stems snap or not? some people choose to not let it snap and put it into paperbags when its still a little bit moist.

    what does the paperbag do? like is it necessary?

    and after, put it in mason jars, burp it like 2-3 times a day for a week. then less frequently.
  2. i put mine in the closet and shut the door after trimming..
    let them hang for 5-7 day's...
    fan's tend to dry it out to much depending on humidity..i don't use one.
    so i just close the door and walk away for a few day's...
    then they go straight into glass..
    i never use paper bag's or boxes..
    it will suck the chem's that are breaking down right out of it...just let it hang bro...then when stem snap's put it into jar's...
    other than that your good to go on how it's done..

  3. Best thing you can do... What you will find is that everyone has their own take on drying and curing and what they prefer. I agree with Custom though, fans dry 'em out too quick for me, and a little unevenly too for that matter. However, I do use the paper bag / shredded paper trick, a-la Rump before i go to the jars. I hang for two days then move em to the bags... I've done it both ways though and haven't noticed a big difference in the results once it comes out of the jars.
  4. alright cool i'll go with the simplest way. dry with no fan, good air flow, after stem snaps, put in jar
  5. Just remember the quicker you dry, the harsher it'll be but the slower you dry, the more chance you have of bud rot. I think people use the paper bag method because it wicks away moisture and reduces your chance of bud rot.

    I don't think it's necessary though.
  6. keep an eye on it and you should be fine. make sure not to have stale air sit for too long, you dont want your nice buds to mold.
  7. hell ya guy's good bit's for the falla to use,..
    i even burp my closet..just open the door for a minute and then shut it..
    i put it in there and leave it, burp the closet itself once a day..

    i got some drying right now that is amazing smoke..
    2.5 day's now and not even the leaves are dried out on the bud yet...but no mold just an overwhelming fruit smell...lovin it:hello:
    the slower the better for sure... sound's like you got the idea though...good luck!
  8. i think putting it the paper bag removes the hay kinda 'fresh cut lawn' like smell but essentially its just to slow down the drying process....ive been taught to treat each one an impatient prick at times so i as its my 1st grow (if u wanna take a look) i took a bud off at 6 weeks flowering, hung her on a coat hanger for 4 days til she was bending & not snapping....then day 5 came along and it was too dry....if you clenched your fist around it, it would disintegrate, luckily i stuck it in the jar and regained a tiny bit of moisture to make it better, but still was way too early....its now 8 weeks i have another one in the closet but this time i will be using the bag method just to slow things fact it doesnt actually slow the time you can smoke it down it just brings out the righteous dank smell your looking for! Good luck!!!
  9. It is not necessary to use the paper bag method. I have had success hanging mine in a dark room with a dehumidifier (mostly because the basement tends to be a bit too damp for anything to actually dry without it). After about 5 days, i can cut and jar. Even after just a couple days in the jars, as the remaining moisture has usually redistributed itself evenly and things are good to go, obviously improving as the cure process continues. This is my experience with my conditions. I have seen some impressive results from the paper bag method. I just have found it of little benefit personally.
  10. You can put them in the paper bag for a day or two after trimming them if they still feel pretty moist, or if you have had them in the jars and realize they are still too moist, put them in the bags for a day or two.
  11. paper bag method hastens the process.
    If youre impatient, paperbag.
    Longer the dry time(as stasted before) teh betteh.
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    Using a paper bag slows down the drying phase just before you handiwork goes into a curing is that impatient, it makes them sticky from the moisture within then into curing jar and bingo! Everyone will have there way I've been taught this from people that like to take there time and not rush....hanging them then sticking straight into jars will make your weed harsh hay like and maybe not as sticky as they should be take your time is my advice! My mate said the other day you have the back wheels down now you haven't quite landed! It was good advice .... Wait for the landing then your ready is my approach & my buds are looking sweet!

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