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Is the modern Republican Party a caricature of Conservatism?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by James2912, Dec 6, 2011.

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    I've watched debates and speeches from all the candidates and excluding Ron Paul (of course) they are all Saturday Night Live characters. I mean really? They all lack any sort of dignity or eloquence or common sense. Its almost as if the candidates are just trolls, secret democratic comedians, who are trying to sabotage conservatism and its been working.

    So what do think are candidates like Sarah Palin and Herman Cain secret trolls or are they just that egotistical and stupid?

    Sorry if the poll is confusing I'm pretty baked on legit Blueberry Kush! :)

    Troll= fake

    P.S. The Democratic party is just as bad but this thread is about Republicans. I encourage anyone who wants to make a similar Democratic Party thread to do so.
  2. They're both fiscal and social conservatives.
  3. WTF is the op's fascination with public votes and polls???

    Please try again, without that bullshit and you'll get a real result of peoples opinions instead of the herd mentality kicking in.
  4. Screw the Republican Party Boo
  5. Repubs. are honestly a joke to most people in this day and age. The only reason they are still remotely legitimate is because people 40 - ?? vote conservative when they feel threatened, and Fox News is fucking amazing at it. I'm not being sarcastic. With all the fucking up the Repubs do Fox News is still able to sell its product to the masses which is its purpose. It sells you an idea when Republicans and Democrats are pretty much the same thing when it comes down to it.

    They may differ on certain major ideological issues, but those issues rarely arise or get solved during the term of a presidency. It's the little stuff that gets passed and signed everyday that makes them alike. Like seriously, when the fuck is congress going to get around to ACTUALLY reducing our national debt or even bringing up the abortion topic on a serious level. Thats why they can have these stances and never be expected to deliver on them. ;)

  6. the fuck they are!!
    and on top of that expanded authority of state = leftism.

    i don't care what the issue is, if the answer is "we need government to....." it is leftism plain and simple.

    also: social issues have zero political value...if they were conservatives they would understand this.

  7. Your using a fake internet name nobody knows who you are or what you really believe. I don't see any reason to hide the vote of someone who is using an anonymous user name. Just vote for what you believe, if you honestly feel peer pressure on an anonymous internet forum with people you have never and will never meet, that is your problem.
  8. Could have simply stated:

    Do Republicans use government for what they like, and cry foul for other uses?

    Answer is yes. The image of "conservative" is now distorted to imply that a conservative wants to utilize the state to impose their version of morality over the people, which flies in the face of our Constitution.

  9. There are almost no fiscal conservatives in all of politics. Ron Paul is one of the very few. The "conservatives" and "liberals" in Washington differ by a razor thin degree. They are the same party effectively. To call them statists would be more accurate than conservative or liberal, since they take the bad parts of conservatism and the bad parts of liberalism and combine them to make the worst of all worlds.

  10. Well compared to the democrat party they're fiscally conservative. Especially the tea party which best represents the base of the new modern Republican party.

  11. there has never been a military (negative) spending bill that the reps didn't like. though i will say that the TEA partiers come the closest to true conservatives. though their social agenda is every bit as totalitarian as the neo libs. if people would just fuck off and mind their own business (socially, fiscally, and politically) this world really would be a better place.
  12. I think they are on book tours, but then again, who isn't?
  13. No not at all. War on humans and the war on drugs are not fiscially conservitive. They waste just as much money as democrats and welfare.

  14. To compare the two parties and then to say one is any better then the other just means you don't know a damn thing about US politics and have not been paying attention.

    I thought the same thing when I was young and had not really been following politics. Cheney was in charge err I mean Bush Jr was and I thought if the Dems were against what Bush is doing then they must be the good guys WRONG! The Dems take power and it is now just a darker skinned smoother talking Bush doing all the same shit at an accelerated rate. The only difference I see is Bush took care of Big Oil and energy where as Obama takes care of Wall St.

    They are two separate wings of the same bird of prey.

  15. Unfortunately for you it is you who has no clue what you're talking about. I say Tea party and you bring up Bush. Run along son.

  16. Tea Party is part of the Republican party. It started out as a separate movement for conservatives that felt betrayed by the GOP but it has since been high jacked and is now nothing more then an arm of the GOP. If some one gets elected Tea Party does it say (T) next to their name on the ballot or does it say (R)?

    You were comparing the two parties and saying one is better then the other in a certain aspect, "especially the Tea party". If you compare the two parties and come to the conclusion that one is better then the other then you have done a terrible job of research for your comparison.
  17. republican, democrat...is there a difference anymore? seems like they are slowing merging to become one republicrat...or demlican?

    its hard for me to associate myself with either party nowadays. i just consider myself a constitutionalist
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    If Republicans and Democrats are all the same Republicans wouldn't have Ron Paul and Democrats wouldn't have Kucinich and Barney Frank or whoever the left is interested in nowadays. Likewise, the Tea Party caucus is a group of Republican congressman who are strict fiscal conservatives meaning no welfare, period, corporate or otherwise. i.e. not Bush. If you notice the congressman who may remind you of Bush and talk favorably a lot about the Tea Party are, that's right, NOT Tea Party Caucus members.

  19. careful. that'll get you on a terrorist watch list.
  20. [quote name='"Spikoli"']

    careful. that'll get you on a terrorist watch list.[/quote]

    and with the indefinite suspension of habeas corpus for "suspected" terrorists, that may make me an unprivileged enemy combatant, detained without question or trial! OH NO!

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