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is the MFLB worth it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lightthatdro, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. is the magic flight launch box worth it?
  2. if youve looked through the threads you'll see a large number of positives and some negatives...if you love smoking and want to be completely stoned all the time, probably aint for you...if you like a good entergetic head high (you can get a body high just vape higher temp) then it rocks. plus hey save HUGE amounts of weed (you wouldnt believe the small amount that did me in yestereday) - portable - easy to hide...

    if you get one go through good ppl there

  3. What makes you say it's bad if you'd want to be stoned all the time?
  4. Definetly worth it!
  5. how much bud do you need to put in to get a nice high? cause i need to smoke atleast .5 a session to get high
  6. Take a break from smoking then.

    I'd say .3 would prolly do the trick.

  7. Get better weed and pack a fat snap. A .25 snap sounds pussy but pack it up and you'd be like, "damn that's almost a bowl." Go ahead and kill it in one hit and tell me it takes you half a gram to feel something.
  8. i have skywalker og kush but i just smoke like 3 times a day every day for like the past 6 months....(but when i smoke by myself a .25 bowl will deffinately do the trick but im usualyl smoking with my bro) so if i tried the magic flight launch box would i be able to get high by myself with like .1?
  9. to be honest.. no
  10. Yes! and thats the beauty of it!! IT is by far the most convienient way to get high, you can do it anywhere! I pack .1 bowls in mine every session and im feeling pretty damn good
  11. I can get completely blazed off my knockers with .1 grams from a MFLB. It's obviously not going to be good as a conventional whip style/bag vape in terms of taste but I still think it gets the job done almost as well in getting high.
  12. I'll give you a pro/con review since I sold mine a little while ago

    main pros: concealability, portability, good high for a small little thing, works very well given you clean it after every pack and grind the buds up well enough.

    cons: my grinder didn't grind my buds to the powder-like consistency you need. I ended up not getting its full potential because of this, not even little pieces really work great...its gotta be fine

    batteries! Alright, this is what makes it concealable and portable, but in reality it pissed me off when I didn't have batteries. I used the 4 hour charger that came with it, and it works but having 4 batteries I could burn through them too quick with friends. Also, I bought a 15 min charger which drained the shit outta the batteries over a period of a couple weeks and made them useless. Maybe I was tapping my batteries too much, but when I sold it after 3-4 months the batteries were completely done.

    overall its a tradeoff, it will do what you want it to, but I found myself hitting it quite a bit to reach my high and the batteries just annoyed me. But thats a pro also, because not all vapes can be carried around with batteries and used wherever.

    Overall, i'd say if you need it to be out and about go for it. If you find yourself stationary near a wall plug in most cases, get a DBV or PD vape. DBV to shred your face, PD for efficiency and practicality. gl choosing
  13. Yeah man, its amazing. I get baked off .05 and i am baked all day everyday almost since i got it. I can literally vape anywhere, im like overwhelmed with that :D I dont get what people talk about how it doesnt get them high. I have strong indica, and im vaping it and holy shit i get a major body stone even though its a vape.

    Its very effecient also. Best $100 I spent. Taste and everything is way better then smoking, and way healthier obviously. If you want a stealthy option to toke, MFLB is the best thing for you :) Literally taking hits and then my parents walking in, they dont smell anything. Magical :smoke:
  14. I bought one, wish I woulda saved up the extra 70 bucks and got a Extreme Q.

  15. He gets high off one bowl.(takes me like 3 or 4 bowls to get BAKED)(1 to get a high that lasts like an hour and a half.)
    1 bowl isnt .05.
    He just restates that every thread he posts in, don't really know why.
    Get a homebased vape, MFLB is a childs toy.
  16. Haha, MFLB is a childs toy? 99% of people who bought it do not feel that way. Just check grasscity, fuckcombustion, reddit, etc. Everybody praises the MFLB

    Sure, a homebased vape might be better.. I guess its like a bubbler vs. a huge bong. Except the MFLB can get you just as high as that homebased vape unless you use it wrong somehow. The portability alone is worth it, anybody who says they dont get high from it is simply doing it wrong. Show me another tool where you can vape 5 feet away from your parents and they have no idea :smoke:
  17. I have one and i probably still smoke more then I vaporize, but it is definitely worth it. Its great for the times I cant smoke. I have 4 batteries, and each battery gets me about 2 good trenches and one vape trench gets me pretty high. You save alot of bud, so when your broke or trying to conserve its the way to go.

  18. Agreed. I owned a DBV(dabuddhavape) first, sold it due to financial situations and then went MFLB. DBV was way better.

    MFLB is a jump off the ground. Da Buddha and whip style vapes seem like more of blast into outer space haha.

    now i'm getting the purple days. hopefully I enjoy it as much as the last two.:cool:
  19. Get it, AMAZING!! :D

    hittin it now, close to 0.1g getting me thoroughly medicated :p

  20. MFLB is the perfect vape to start with I think. Its what introduced me to vaping so i know nothing better. $100 for a vape thats portable and gets you ripped from a way smaller amount then smoking is worth it in my eyes. When i go to college I will buy Da Buddha also probably :)

    People are trying to compare a portable mini vaporizer to desktop vapes, one being $100 the others being at least double the amount :smoke:

    To somebody who has never owned a desktop vape before, MFLB is a magical tool and you will be satisfied as fuck :smoke:

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