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Is the MFLB worth it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by scrxm, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Should I buy the MFLB? I have about $200 saved up! Is it worth it? My only fear is I won't get that stoned with it? People that have it please write below!Thanks guys Sent from my iP
  2. Is definitely worth the money. smoked for 2 years got my MFLB about a month ago and have only smoked once since. Use it everyday and you get just as stoned and the high is much better a lot more clear headed and the taste is as good as it gets. Only fault i can say is with the batteries i would order a extra set or two as they only last for 3 or so trenches. But overall best investment i have made for smoking save so much bud and can vape anywhere you want so any worry about the smell of smoke is also gone. Also is durable and good to bring around in your pocket no lighter needed so no worry of wind and can vape on the go.
  3. Worth every penny. I vape everyday because there's no smell when you ghost your hits.

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  4. I have one that I used about 10 times and then switched to oil out of a rig. Message me if you want a stupid good deal on it. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    I had one for a long time and I never got that high off the thing, ended up giving it away. If you're looking to actually get stoned go a different route.
    Edit- I see you're holding a decent size bong in your avi, it will never get you high like that.
    People on here rave about them and can't figure out why. Yes they're small and compact but they do smell when using! Don't try to kid yourselves! I put that mflb to work over many years and after awhile it started to really smell.
    But if you wan't to get high off your weed and not just some head high then get something else.
    I know some people will disagree with me but for a true stoner, I prefer a bong and a pipe/bubbler if you're trying to save bud.
  6. The only way it would smell is through user error. Though he's right, it doesn't get you as fucked up as a bong. You get more of a clear headed high

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    MFLB sucks as a vape.
    I don't own a MFLB, but I have smoked out of one several times and honestly it sucks. I barely get high. Whenever my friend whips out his MFLB, everyone always wants to roll up a joint afterwards since they didn't get high enough.
    Your fingers will get sore holding the battery in and it drains the battery pretty fast too. Do you seriously want to be buying batteries for the next few years to power your MFLB when you could just buy a vape that hooks up to an outlet or if it does require batteries, works better than MFLB.
    Get a Deluxe Daddy or Volcano. Both work great.
    Deluxe Daddy is like $200 also I think, but not really portable unless you can find an outlet. But do you really NEED to smoke outside? 
    Well I never cleaned the thing so maby that had something to do with it, but it was pretty dirty
    I owned the thing for 5 years and used it alot, I think I know how to use the thing, I never would over fill it, but it started to really smell half way through. The bud wasn't charred either.
    The thing barely gets you high, not worth a 100$ unless you want a small peice like that but always having to charge batteries sucks!
  9. I love mine just got it a couple weeks ago. It definitely gets me high... 95% odorless too and taste is great, you won't be disappointed.
  10. I hate mflbs. They taste like burnt popcorn and don't get me high at all. No vape is worth it in my opinion except for the volcano. Get a g pen or something worth the money
  11. I've been using the mflb everyday for 3 years and it's a very nice tool.
    If you use cannabis moderately, you should enjoy it. Especially if you need a stealthy/small tool that can be used virtually anywhere. 
    If you're a heavy user and enjoy ripping your bong all day long, the mflb probably won't satisfy you. 
  12. [quote name="BurnAFewDown" post="19416598" timestamp="1390847379"]I hate mflbs. They taste like burnt popcorn and don't get me high at all. No vape is worth it in my opinion except for the volcano. Get a g pen or something worth the money[/quote]If it taste bad and doesn't get u high ur either using it wrong or have shitty weed because one trench can get me high a couple times and it always taste better than smokingSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. I'm a heavy user and the mflb works for me. I was smoking bowls and waterfalls before it. A cheap bubbler to do vapor bonging is next.
  14. Ahaha no its because I was going through a half gram of oil a day. We could pass bowl after bowl and it would have little effect on me cuz my oil tolerance was so high, vape does nothing at that point. Shitty weed? Lols i know one of the of the good friends of a grower that won the cannabis cup a few years back. I'm getting kiefier buds then you've ever seen.
  15. Don't get it unless you get the power adaptor. I am a long time user of the box, and I have to say it wasn't truly worth it until I got the PA. It's essentially like ripping a bowl, except you don't use so much. This is like my daytime tool. It feels like you can be so productive after hitting this thing, but at the same time it only takes a few more rips to send you over the edge and get you feeling nice and stupid.

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