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Is the high from smoking out of a spoon bowl different from a blunt??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cincle38, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I was just asking because I know with a blunt you are smoking tobacco leaf and I was wondering if that affected the high compared to smoking pure weed?
  2. It's still the same high as you would get out of a bowl, just rolled up in a rillo.
  3. From what ive heard you get more high from a spoon than a blunt. Im just running off of what ive heard so please correct me if im wrong.
  4. A Spoon/bowl ussualy hits you faster, a joint kinda eases Ito if, but there both the same high
  5. Okayy so the bowl doesn't make it a clearer high or anything like that?

  6. Not really. If it's the same bud, then it's probably going to be the same high. The tobacco might give you a slight buzz, but that doesn't really affect your high past maybe a minute or two.

    My opinion on this is that you may feel more baked after smoking a blunt, as compared to a couple bowls, but you'll more than likely be smoking much more than a bowl pack or two.
  7. It just depends on how much bud you smoke from either the spoon or the blunt they get me the same amount of high if I use the same amount of bud in both.

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