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Is the herb Blue Lotus any good ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Palm, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. apparently the legal herb blue lotus has effects similar to cannabis but milder and packs a buzz as well. Can anyone tell me their experiences on it ? :D
  2. I'm not sure if this is the same thing or not, but is Blue Lotus like that Spice shit? legal, synthetic herb? If its anything like that, then run the other direction. I guess everyone has their own preferences, but its not tested, its not natural, and there are some serious side effect stories from that fake-shit.
  3. If this is a synthetic herb then don't smoke it. Google some horror stories related to fake herbs sometime.
  4. You cant talk about Legal high's here.
  5. They sell legal highs here.

  6. It's still another drug.
  7. I was referring to skunky.
    Don't mess with legals. Ever, they're terrible for you.
  8. No where near as good as skull cap, especially if you buy it concentrated... that shit fucks you up in the best way ;)

  9. lol that statement is so ironic.
    good government
  10. Seconding the 'run the fuck away' option. A friend of mine experienced an amusing (read:terrifying) bout of paraplegia when he smoked Spice. fuck that shit.
  11. It is IN NO WAY compared to salvia and that shit it's just a water Lilly it barley does anything! I've tried it I'm a lightweight and nothing it does taste delicious in tea!!
  12. Blue lotus in a pure form (NOT in Spice or some weird concoction) is not like the high you get from cannabis. It's realllllly mild. It relaxes you and acts as a sedative. Some may compare it to an Indica high, but I disagree.

    And yes, Spice and all those herb mixes are gross and unsafe.

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