Is the growing worth it?

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    My main reason for growing is because my connect used to go upstate to get dank, strain-name stuff all the time and he decided it isn't worth the drive, and the risk of the 2-3 hour now all he sells are decent mids that he gets locally...good or bad I can't smoke mids...chemical taste/smell and a headache:mad:

    That being said, growing came to mind. And, I really only ask if it's worth it because I only have one shot at growing this summer. I'm moving out of my parents house soon but they promised they'd let me grow 2-3 plants in a grow tent in my room/closet, just for this summer. Now, there are some good things...I have been apart of GC since 2006 and although I haven't posted much I have done an overwhelming amount of research (on indoors growing), and enjoyed every bit of it. I have everything I need, spent $$ on pretty nice lights, grow tent, 6' inline fan, carbon scrubber, etc. I have seen people's first grows who seemed to know less than I did and ended up growing DANK. So do you think with the info i just gave I am capable of growing some nice plants? I have a job from 10-6 5 days a week, but other then that I am willing to care for my plants every second I can. Does this sound reasonable? or is it unlikely I will have a successful, DANK harvest my first real indoor grow?:confused:

    edit: I have two Barneys LSD seeds and a free LA woman sample

    any help would be great guys :smoking:
  2. You should definitely be able to grow some nice plants. Seems like you have most of the plan worked out, and your job shouldn't really be a problem.
  3. thanks for the positive vibes, + rep if it counts

    Peace :smoking:
  4. You shold do just fine. You seem to have done your research, purchased good equipment, and have some good seeds ot start with. Since you have been here for a while, you already know any problems you encounter can be answered here.

    I think you will do just fine. You have put more research than most of those who post here that want to grow.
  5. Groovy strain choice dude, LSD was my first real strain and I found it very easy to work with. Its still the best strain that I have grown and I have grown a few now ;)

    Its much better to grow your own, it will be the best dank that you have ever had whichever strain you grow. You have full control of when it gets chopped to get the right high and you get to cure it without it being manhandled to death or worse. Growing your own is truly the best way :wave:

  6. Yeah I have heard so many good things about LSD, and have seen pics of your harvest many, many times ;) Beautiful grow, hopefully mine can be something close to that.

    Thanks for the kind words guys :wave:, it really motivates me to start this. + rep

    Peace :smoking:
  7. Nice man Additude seeds? im about to order mines soon :D
  8. Hey thanks dude, I have only just removed my journal and I miss it already. I'll have LSD back in one of my future runs :wave:
  9. If you've done your homework, learned a lot, and invested wisely in supplies and equipment then you should do fine.

    You'll save money in the long run, plus you'll keep money out of the hands of the drug lords and terrorists and assorted other not-so-nice guys. You'll grow better quality, and do it just the way you want.

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