Is the existance of life, a highly over-rated phenomenon?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Human Cruoton, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. By life i mean this current stage that we are in. 2010. This current stage in existance. Do our dreams ressurect memorys of past realitys? Past lives? Past existances? Flashbacks from billions of years in the past??

    What are your opinions on DMT?? NOTE: This is not discussion of other "drugs". DMT is naturally occuring in your brain and is released during your deepest hour of sleep. It's the spirit molecule. The strongest psychedelic experience a man can undergo. All in a ten minute nap. Which can seem to last ten months. There are herbs then can be smoked that release dmt while you are "consciouss" causing a psychedlic adventure. A conscios dream.

    When the body dies, it is documented that your brain releases a mass amount of dmt. It is then when people who have NDE. (NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES) that report hallucinations such as a bright light, feeling of floating upward, tunnel vision, past family members, etc. Does dmt really plunge you to the other side? And once you die, plunge you to that other side permanently.

  2. very interesting read :D i never knew about DMT before, but yeah i believe it, it happens....and i'm wondering if that's another part of Deja Vu dreams we experience as well?

    I believe in NDE, it has always been a big thing to me, and so many cases of it for so many many yrs's hard to deny. I've lost a few family members and stages of what you describe happened to them before the heart stopped.

    The's a good thing....the beginning of the next part of life :smoke:
    In answer to your question...i don't think life is over rated at all, infact I would say too much of the world under rates it's significance.
  3. DMT is a fascinating subject in itself. Wikipedia it. It is called the Dream Molecule.

    The other side is simply the awakening from a dream. Its a consistant process. Awakening.

    I suppose life is not a highly overrated phenomenon, perhaps it is a an instance that is tainted through religion etc.
  4. yeah i heard that whole dmt when you die thing isn't true though...something like because there isnt enough stored in your brain to cause an eternal trip or something like that

    but the theory that disproved it made since to me ....

    maybe that person will be posting in here shortly

    but lately through science i've been beginning to think/realize this is pretty much an overrated phenomenon
  5. Well what if your brain gets fried upon death? Are you just out an afterlife?

    I only think the DMT released is enough to have a few min trip if anything.
  6. I think its a highly over rated phenomenon and yet 99.9973621% of the population dont even suspect it lmao
  7. It definitely is over-rated. If a planet has liquid water, chances are it's got life. Which, btw, will eventually evolve into something sentient. There's only so much you can do with a pea brain and some claws.
  8. yeah i mean we're significate but so is everything else on the planet . and everything here has an termination date . we are constantly learning and we ask often what happens when we die but eventually we will know . so we can only assume that it will be something that we can deal with ... and death should be left at that .

    the way I see it we're all waiting in line to take that next step some are just more nervous than others because we dont know exactly where we're going

    its just strange because you're not sure if you'll ever know anybody or anything you knew in this life ' and you cant be sure about how much different or similar the next place will be

    but im gunna be optimistic and assume things will only get better
  9. ^Or we won't know what happens when we die, well because we will be dead and have no conscious. I think that is most likely what happens.
  10. if death is awakening from a dream, will it not be into another dream from which we awake when we die within it? does that not imply that all of existence is some kind of subjective experience in the midst of infinite regression?
  11. What happens when someone gets shot in their Pineal gland? I guess they're not lucky enough to trip their balls off before they die.

  12. :laughing:

    I said this is another thread, but perhaps the reason that the brain releases DMT is to create an "objective reality." Our senses begin to shut down, cutting us off from this reality, so the DMT just replaces it. This is why dreams feel so real, and you can experience in dreams. It is because your senses are at low awareness, so your brain needs something to run off of.

  13. Yes thats why i am implying it is a process. Because its on to the next stage. Like metamorpasis. Eternal Metamorphis. :yummy:

  14. Are you implying that DMT serves no purpose other than creating a flase image?

    You say "thats why dreams feel so real", who are you to say those dreams arent more realistic then your life. Dreams to a degree, are very real.
  15. dreams are as very real as the words your mind also creates.
  16. true i believe and fear but ultimately accept this could be a possibility

    but the main two things that give me faith that this isnt true is knowing somebody thats died ... i truly feel like its no question they're still existing right now conscious of whats going on in their new/different life

    and also because past people like jesus and buddha that didnt worry about death and fading into an unconscious state of basically never knowing that you ever were
  17. I think most religions originated from good and bad trips. Lucid dreaming and nightmares. Heaven or Hell
  18. Yeah. Just Like weed. People eat moldy cheese but cant intake thc.

    Shit happens.

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