Is the end closer than we think? part 2

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by IGotTheCottons, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. yet another something to ponder. in the Bible it talks about the rebuilding of Babylon, and how Babylon will become the capitol of the world (in other words, it's where antichrist will rule from).

    now, can anyone tell me which country we're in the process of rebuilding and getting ready for the next ruler? if anyone said Iraq... congragulations, you watch the news :)

    BUT can anyone tell me which ancient country used to be where Iraq is today?


    if you guessed Babylon... you're right.

    ancient Babylon sits on what is currently called Iraq.
  2. yeah and nostredamus said the antichrist would be wearing blue......Bush was wearing a blue suit when he came to power, and lots of people noticed.....and now you'll never see him in a blue suit.......coincidence? i think not!.....Peace out......Sid
  3. thats kinda scary!aaahhhhh!
  4. Yeah and some people say that the devil will come from pyramids, and some say that when apocalypse comes we will be carried trough the galaxy to an another universe bla bla bla and isn't it G.WBush who is now ruling iraq in a way? anyway the apocalpse have been said to come thousands of times
  5. im ready to go , if christ comes
  6. hey cannibus... i like your quote, LOL.

    i don't think i'm ready if Christ returns... i know too many people who'd go to hell if he were to come soon.
  7. hehe, thx i got the quote from half baked :)

    I do believe that if you believe in Jesus Christ you go to heaven , but if you dont i am not sure.. i know there is a hell, but don't u think it is kind of mean to send someone to somewhere where you are in everlasting torment? i mean i just see how someone could do that. But i dont know, i am deep in my religion ( baptist)
  8. that's kinda odd (no offence or anything)... it's just you don't often hear a baptist saying they're into religion. i'm a baptist (the independent, fundamental kind)... you might wanna talk to your pastor about why not being saved gets you into hell.
  9. I'm Lutheran and I believe that as long as you believe Jesus died for your sins and won your place in Heaven for you then you're fine. I'm not quite ready for the end yet, because a girl I care deeply for is a nonbeliever but I think she's close to coming over. It would make me said to go to Heaven and know that she didn't get to go too.
  10. you won't know she's in hell if you're in heaven. it says there will never be anymore sadness after everything's done with.
  11. cottons u r so sexy!!! u sound so hot and sophisticated every time i read your post's, and i saw your pic too... what a cutie! :)
  12. that's true, but I'd like to know that she's going to be there with me. Right now I know that she wouldnt be so I'm not ready yet. But if the end does come before I'm ready there's really nothing I can do.

  13. lol, you gotta stop doing this to me... i'm all red and such. :p

    InferiorWang... i know what you're saying. i'm basically the only one in my family that won't be left behind if the rapture comes soon. i pray for them a lot... but so far i'm not seeing the fruits. i think me going to college will be what eventually shows them there's really something different. i feel a calling, and have had a lot of confirmation that i'm going to be in some form of full time ministry. i just have this huge burden for people's souls, and want to see as many as possible get saved so they can know for sure what awaits them on the other side.
  14. That's awesome that you feel a call. My great grandpa always tells me he thinks that I'd be a good preacher but I just don't see myself doing that. I to sit back and have philosophical debates but I can't see myself preparing sermons to stand up and talk in front of people every week. Best of luck to you and I hope your family comes around.
  15. yeah. i felt the same way before i knew i was being called. preaching was the last thing on my mind, but it's what i have a burden for. i don't know exactly what form of ministry i'm going into yet, but it's either a pastor/youth pastor, missionary (very possible) or an evangelist. thanks for the kind words regarding my family. i hope your friend comes around. did you try inviting her out to church? anywayz, i'll keep you and your friend in prayer. :)
  16. IGotTheCottons, I am saved and have been baptised by emursion , but i just dont believe that a caring and loving God can send someone to hell forever! ( really he isnt sending them there , but he is kind of giving them a way out says my friend)
  17. According to jehovas witnesses only 144 000 will be saved, are you one of them?
  18. well jehovas are wrong,and i am saved.

  19. like people who wear crosses right? ;)

  20. Well they think you're wrong and that they're saved, who's the one saying who's right and who's not? And why is it so important to serve God that is in some book? there are many books with many gods wich one is the right? Why do you have to go to church to be close to god? why do you have to pray and do what it says in books to be a good human?

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