Is the earth really round?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by G-MAN, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Woah, what happened to Asia? The whole world but Asia is on that map :confused:
    They even gave each continent a color of its own so it's easier to see that Asia is missing..
  2. There's now a wall of ice and a turtle? OH I get it now!!! It all makes perfect sense to me, yes yes with an ice wall and a turtle the two missing links are filled in!! This is an incredible discovery, I'm convinced now the Earth is flat! It just has to be true.

  3. I'm glad you now see the truth. Now spread the message.
  4. Psh, you guys could be thinking about the double slit wave particle results instead of debunking the flat earth society.
  5. im guessing these people must never been on an airplane?

  6. Particles reacting with themselves is all well and good, but when 99% of the world think the world is round someone has to make a stand! :(

  7. IMO, it wouldnt matter if 99% of the world thought the earth was flat.....

    simple fact of the matter is the earth is round. We should be emphatic about this...what an ignorant thing to be wrong about. Blows my mind that people dont understand this

    preach on G-MAN
  8. The double-slit experiment, in my opinion, suggests quantum nonlocality

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