Is the earth really round?

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  1. Flat Earth... I thought this was the science and nature forum, not the Complete lack of science forum?
  2. i thought it would be a good laugh from the serious stuff to debunk this crap. Or at least educate the few who can be saved, im gonna post that faq on their forums once ive refined it a bit and gotten rid of all the typos
  3. Debunking mad-nonsense is always a good thing. :)
  4. omg....was this for real?? :confused:people can be that..i cant even find a word..ignorant is too little...:rolleyes:

    i know some people believe in hollow earth but flat earth society?

    this is like believing pokemon exist forums but for grown-ups...
    ... too stupid to even try debatin with one of them...*sigh* :rolleyes:
  5. "The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church" - Ferdinand Magellan

  6. It wasn't too long ago that Wahhabi clerics in Saudi Arabia were preaching that the earth was a flat disc and they would severly punish people who would not comply with this teaching. This decree was retracted only until a prominent member of the royal family, can't think of his name right now, went into space and assured this top cleric that the he could vouch that the earth was round.
  7. i thought it was an oblate spheroid...?

  8. Yah, hes right. The moon's gravitational pull, and even the sun's pull the earth into a very slight oblong shape.
  9. Well only 500 years ago we knew it was flat, really is a testiment to what we really know.
  10. "Once upon a time
    When the world was just a pancake
    Fears would arise
    That if you went too far, you'd fall

    But with the
    Passage of time
    It all became more of a ball
    We're as sure of that
    As we all once were when the world was flat"
  11. Well, actually the Earth itself isn't perfectly round. There's shit like mountains and countries that makes the cirkel imperfect. ;)
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    Eratosthenes measured the circumference of the Earth in 240BC, and got a result that is just a few % from the known value today.
  13. why dont one of these dickheads charter a plane to fly over antartica and land in russia and then STFU
  14. Haha that's just lame! However, it did make me think a little; I've never been to space and seen the Earth with my own eyes, I've only seen satelite photos etc. so I can't really know for sure that Earth is round. Still, I think I'll stick to the most logical suggestion; round
  15. Isn't it a trip... we don't really know what's in the center of the earth.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.. but all they did to prove the layers of the erath was shoot some kind of wave through it, see how the wave refracted at different depths, and came to the conclusion that the angle of the refracted wave meant it was __ material at __ density.

    But... it could be anything.

    The earth could be alive.



    Forealz, though.
  16. Isn't that where the reptilians live?
  17. Hahah.

    No silly. Niburu, I believe.
  18. I can't believe there's people out there that actually believe the Earth is flat. I did a little bit of digging on the "flat earth society" forum, and I found THIS to be a "map" of the "flat earth":


    Awesome MS paint skills :cool:
  19. In four dimensions the earth is a worm.

  20. Thats heavily out of date, its missing the icewall at the south too, and the turtle. You have learnt nothing from our teachings obviously.

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