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Is the City forever?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Whilest having me morning wake and bake and cruisin around the boards this morn, I got to wondering, are we writing what historians will be reading a 1000 years from now?

    Does cyberspace go on forever?

    Will the City last 'til infinity?

    Will my great grandchildren come here and wonder why their great grandfather threw rocks and spears at the moon the other night until it changed to it's right color?

    Will it help them understand why they're the way they are?
  2. Yes, Yes It Will!
  3. I think there are some things that last forever. My computer may not last forever and this board may not last forever but there are words that have inspired me and touched me from the City that will always last forever somewhere in my mind. So, in some ways the City will always be forever.
  4. Only if the word gets spread on down the line.

    My dad and grand father used to tell me about all the things that happened back in the early 1900's. I am passing that on down the line to my kids. So unless one of the kids, grand kids, etc. decides it's to boring, it will last forever!

    Do you know who was the one to fire the first shot at Pearl Harbor?


    Think real hard now!
  5. budhead - please don't kill me, but i think the US might of been trigger happy enough that day to throw the first punch.
    *i'm sorry i'msorry i'm sorry* :)

    memory is forever.
  6. Well I'm gonna have to say US. Because the other day on msn instant messenger under the part where they have the little headlines it said "Did America fire the first shot at Pearl Harbor?". Yeah..
  7. yes, F O R E V E R . . .

    RMJL aww getting so mushy, i'm gettin teary-eyed :~)

    forever in my heart! :D
  8. Even if the city itself doesnt last forever in shall never die. The memories, laughter, lessons learned, and friendships shall live on in each one's mind, spirit, and heart. And in that respect, the city shall be a part of the people that contribute so much to its existence.
  9. *sob*
    cant see computer screen clearly
    cant post....crying too much
    not really, but it is pretty, the concepts, ideas, knowledge, lessons, etc etc etc will last yeah.......FOREVER!
  10. I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm giving everyone a BIG CYBER HUG.......thanks for all the positive support and letting me into this big worldly family. We shall live on FOREVER!!!!
  12. the US sunk a sub about two hours before the attack started, i believe is what is being said now.
  13. I think the internet is far more than a lot of people seem to realize. It's made communication with someone miles away as easy as if they were right down the street. Yes, we could do that with telephones first, but this is oh so much cheaper.
    To bad we don't have sub-etha micro transmitters yet.
  14. The worst part about Pearl Harbour that gets me is that Winston Churchhill knew the Japs were gonna attack as the British had allready craked the Japanese code....but he let it happen to get America to join the war as the allies were struggeling to defeat Hitler.....sad but true.....right or wrong??....he indirectly killed lots of American men....but if he hadn't America would never had dropped the bomb and the war might have claimed a lot more lives....from all nationalities......Peace out....Sid.....was he right or wrong?

  15. The USA had to drop TWO atomic bombs on Japan to make them surrender. And only then did they quit becuase they thought we were going to drop a third. War is wrong and a waste of human life. But If it took two atomic bombs and the senseless death of of a few hundred thousand lives to stop a war that would have took a few million more lives if the bombs weren't dropped and we had to invade Japan.

    But to answer your question.... How can we judge someone for what they did at a moment, when we have over fifty years of history to judge his actions. What we know now, may not have been available to him at the time when he had to make decisions. And after all Churchill was the PM of England and trying to save HIS people and HIS country. By bringing the USA he did what his countrymen expected him to do, that is save their butts.
  16. it was a lot of wasted lives when you think about the bigger picture...the whole war.....started by a man who wanted everyone to be tall blonde haired and blue eyed.....he was small black haired and wasn't even from Germany!!.....Peace out....Sid

  17. You may be right! I took history classes in the USA and we were taught that the japanese were willing to die to the last man and to invade Japan would cost over a million allied casulties and many times more than that on the Japanese side. That's why we dropped TWO bombs. Every WW2 vet that I have ever known that fought in the South Pacific had the same post-traumatic stress syndrome that the Vietnam vets suffer from. I read that following the defeat of Germany, the European US soldiers would get 60 days leave and then report for duty to fight in the Pacific. There was talk of mutiny/rebellion on the part of the US soldiers. They felt one war was enough and didn't want to go to the PAcific and fight another one. Truman didn't feel he had the support of the Army to risk another bloody invasion.

    Oh, I forgot... McArthur was offered a conditional surrender by the Japanese, but he turned it down in favor of invasion/atomic bomb and ultimately an unconditional surrender.

    Since you got me talking about it, which Army really defeated Hitler?

    The Russians. Over 80% of all Germany casulties were suffered at the hands of Stalin (another mass murderer) and the Red Army.
  18. I'm gonna have to put seat belts on these threads if they keep whippin back and forth like this:)

    The kids look at me funny when it throws me outta my chair.

    Come to think of it they look at me funny most the time.

    First the history part of the thread.

    You are correct Norm, we did sink a sub a short time before the attack on Pearl. But they were further out in the Pacific and I believe Budhead's question was who fired the first shot AT PEARL HARBOR.

    So you're also wrong. Right and wrong at the same time. You gotta appreciate the irony.

    Churchill was incredible man and Britain was damn lucky to have him. He did what he had to do. There were no easy descions at that time. WWII was, in a big picture kinda way, was a continuation of WWI. It basically ended with Germany calling timeout, so they could empower a lunatic, and make some new and better toys to kill with. Churchill was bringing this up way for the blitzkrieg days. Chamberlin was a wussy and damn near signed the country away with the non-agression pact. If your into historic biography, read Churchill's memoir. Talk about a man born to his time! It also gave me strong reservations about the parlamentery (sp?) system of government. Sometimes it seemed that his country was working against him! Please don't ream my ass for attacking your Parliment. I have'nt studied it that in depth, just an observation I picked in Churchchill's book. I'm sure he's probably putting a bit of his own spin on it, but it was still a great read.

    Now back to the original thread.

    Yeah I know Critter, a lot of us have wandered away, but if you dive back into the archive, they're still there! Hmmmmm, so if somehow the archive can be preserved for the future,


    Set your VCR's now!

  19. What was the original intent of this thread?

    Oh yeah, will the City last forever? I don't know, but I hope I'm there whenever that is to find out.
  20. History lesson for the city stoners.

    When the japanese were almost to Pearl Harbor, one of the US ships fired the first shot toward the Japan ships. Although they were not ready for battle, they managed to fire a total of 5 shots before the ship was hit and blown up by a torpedo from a submarine that had managed to get in the harbor un noticed.

    Atomic bombs?? The US only used those on Japan for two reasons!

    1 To test the bomb on living people.

    2 T see how much damage and the spread of the damage, and how far from impact would be a safe distance for the US to be away from impact.

    Sometimes you get more truth from people who were there instead of the people who are politicaly involved!

    I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I second that motion RMJL!!!

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