Is the Christian rate lowering?

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  1. are more people just not really caring what they are, or becoming atheists? it just seems like to me on the internet I always see nonbelievers unlike myself, and it really discourages me and makes me sad honestly lol..but what are your views on it? just want to know if it's only me or not..
  2. people that can use the internet usually do research and realize how bull shit their religion is. 

  3. I fucking hope so. It's about time.
  4. It's called the great falling away, only there's really nothing great about it.
    Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
  5. I could care less either way tbh mainstream religion is a joke and atheists are too.
    Obviously everything space all of it has a meaning somehow but I certainly don't believe it's "God" and Jesus and the bible crap.
    A bunch of drunk people with no context wrote it to make them feel better about having no fucking idea why we are here.

    Or ....aliens which to me is easier to believe than the fairytale book everyone reads.
    But really I don't care believe what you want.

    I'm not good at talking about religion if you can't tell. Lol

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  6. The number of atheists is rising, types of Christians are shifting around a bit. Gallup has some info on the subject from polls going back to the early 1990s in some cases, in others the 1940s at least. Aggregates from a number of polls over the years.
    As someone else mentioned the internet probably has a lot to do with the trends, so do current political trends and lots of other things.
  7. Good. The more "nonbelievers", the better.
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    The number of christians is dropping in the west and most developed countries, but it's about the same or rising in places like Africa and some rundown parts of South America and Asia.

    Religions like christianity are used as a crutch to get through a hard life, or an explanation of life for people who don't know any better because they don't have access to quality education.

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