is thc supposed to ....*read pls*

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  1. is thc supposed to make like a frying noise ..allmost like sizzling noise when smoked in a bowl? like thc on bud of course and is it supposed to sparkle and shit? like it sparkles razy like fireworks ... iono if i get answers ill post pics of the bud....cuz supposedly its hella hella good because it smellas and looks so dank .. iono
  2. I've heard something about grit weed which that may be, but I think you can check that pretty easy. What it probably is, is improper flushing by the grower so some of the fertilizer chemicals are still in the bud a little. Totally harmless, but pops and effects the taste a little bit.
  3. I think it's normal.
  4. i think thats usually just some moisture boiling out

    i get it the first time after i just cleaned my bubbler
  5. The fuck is iono? English mother fucker, do you speak it?

    The crackling sound is the crystals if you have dank weed.

  6. i speak watever the fuck i what iono what you're talkin about
  7. I say iono too [​IMG]
  8. lol

    what does it mean?

    I dont know?
  9. so "I dunno" has now become "iono"

  10. LOL, Sounds like it was a good smoke by the way your describing it. I'm usually that detailed when I'm stoned to.......LOL..........................Be cool!
  11. Sometimes, if the room is quiet when i smoke up a joint, i can hear it boil.

    The temperatures inside the glow reach above or around 1000 degrees celcius. So when you take a hit (in my case off of a hash-joint since i ain't got no green), and put the joint up to your ear, you can clearly hear the hash boiling and popping. Almost like listening to a fireplace.
  12. It happens in my bubbler all the time and not in my other pieces. Especially when you're getting into the depths of the bowl.
  13. grit weed is weed that was sprayed with glass, and its far from totally harmless.
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    I thought that there was more than one thing that could be put on it to constitute grit weed? And I was referring to the theory on the ferts not being flushed that I have taken from the growers forum, when I said it was harmless.
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    hahaha iono
  16. preach on Jules
  17. iono, u guys ready for the pics then ? since now im 100% sure its natural ... lol


    and i forgot ... that weed made my lips kinda burn ..and my tongue got numb??
  18. iono?

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