Is THC produced DURING flushing ?????

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  1. Wow before a edit the original title was "Is THC produced DURING flower" ? wow that bowl of Heri did me dumb lol

    So we all seem to know our flush times etc. and the general lay out. Well I'm curious on some shadowed pieces and I'm sure some seasoned vet can light the way.

    What happens PRODUCTION wise while we are flushing ? Does the plants still produce THC while it's food is being taken away ?

    If someone would please take the time to relay a CORRECT answer myself and the rest of the clan would appreciate it and thanks. :)

  2. used the search feature
  3. Much appreciated. I looked quite a bit so again thanks :)
  4. Tell you the truth, i dont see why people flush in the first place.
    I used to be all for it, i flushed the last 2 weeks in soil and the last week in hydro, but i've quit doing it. I don't see how it helped my plants, but i sure as hell see better plants now come harvest time. I also see no difference 'what so ever' in the taste or quality of the bud, and neither does anyone else that smokes it. I use organic nutes in soil and inorganic in hydro, so i don't think nutrients have any part to play in bad tasting bud. Yes, maybe if we over feed the plants, they would need a good flushing, but other than that, i can't really see why we should do it.
    I'm not up of an arguement, i'm just expressing my view.
  5. Anyone else?

    I've done it and not...didn't notice a BIG difference either.
  6. With all respect to John, my experience is different. I have tasted the difference between a final flush and no final flush. But like many things with MJ I'm sure that can vary by strain, growing conditions, which ferts used and how much, smoking method, heck even different sense of smell/taste. For anyone who doesn't find a difference there is nothing wrong with skipping that final flush. If you don't know if you would taste a difference or not either take the safe route and flush anyway or flush only some plants and leave others be then find out what works for you.

    To the OP, when you talk about producing THC during flushing, you mean the period after the flushing, right? Flushing is the process of running the water through the soil, that takes only a few minutes. But in the two weeks or so after that until you harvest, yes absolutely the buds and specifically the trichs continue to develop.
  7. No disrespect taken toasty.
    I had flushed for years (and i swore by it).
    But me and Ocitown had a heated debate about nutrients getting toxic with prolonged top-ups in a hydro res, so i read up on the lucas formula. He was right and i was wrong. With the GH nutrients it does work with micro and bloom for some reason.
    Then i read about not having to flush (as long as you didn't over feed the plants). So i gave it a try. Because my soil grow is organic (Bio-Bizz), i first stopped flushing it a couple of months ago, i just lowered my nutrient strength to half. And i seriously do not find a difference in taste. I then did it with my hydro grow, i just lowered the PPM to 600 (Canna Aqua), and they also had no difference in the taste. But the plants themselves yield better. The Chlorophyll must have been used from the leaves, because they still have the yellowing leaves at harvest time.
    I don't know, it could be in my head, although, other people haven't noticed a difference either (i never told anyone, so nobody knows any better).
    As i said, i was only expressing my view. Like GH nutrients with Lucas, it might depend on the nutrients.
  8. my first harvest ever, i used this upstate NY strain referenced as Spicy Fruit? I had not seen or heard of it elsewhere, but did get to know the producer quite well. his father started cultivating Spicy Fruit back in the early 90s. he passed away & my boy took over, hence my knowledge of the spicy fruit. anywaaays, without even growing it, i knew every characteristic of that strain, is my point. when i tried myself for the first time, i had 4 plants. i flushed all the plants but one. the one that was not flushed, in all honesty, was definitely the Spiciest. it had better scent, flavor, & even more noticeable triches. now, did not flushing directly correlate to these added benefits & attributes?? i don't know. but, the other 3 plants were all essentially identical. only the 4th unflushed was especially Spicy.

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