Is that dog shit or was that bud!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by :::===={XX}, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. O.K so im off down the road to centerlink thats Australia's welfare, money for slak ass's like my self and yeah im walking along and I see a bag with stuff that looked like dog shit in it so I keep walking a couple of steps and relise what I saw was not dog shit but it just might be bud so I turn walk back to the bagie and pick up a session of nice hydro buds.

    Now I am happly stoned and have scored a free smoke.
    thats not the first time it has happend either. ever happend to u
  2. hahahaha.

    would of been a funny story if you smoked poo... but smoking weed is cool too!! hahaha.

    thats pretty tight. one day my buddy found 2 grams, not in a bag, under a log, in a forest... wierdest thing ever?
  3. under a log int he forest! how random, that would be so awesome, be likeyear i lifted up a log and found 2 grams lol, thats cool
  4. exactly! he moved it to make a bench, and it was just there...

    oddly enough it had rained that day and the bud was dry, and not ina bag?!?
  5. I once got my friend to smoke petrified dog shit once. I convinced him that this piece of hard petrified dog shit i found on the ground in a friends weed smoking room (sloppy ass mother fucker, always drops/loses fucking weed) and that it was just bud that we had dropped there "back in the day" when we first started smoking. he did, then i told him it was probably dog shit, then he puked. lol
  6. Labador(sp)

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