is that an echo?

Discussion in 'General' started by isis_420, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. it's SO quiet in here, i feel so alone. lol what's the story? i know we are all in different time zones, but man, someone else must be here at the same time as me.

    right now it is 7:58pm Saskatchewan time. We don't have daylight savings, and i know we're 3 hrs behind from Nova Scotia.

    maybe i'm babbling and no one else is even from Canada. but in general, when is everyone here?
  2. lol yeah I knowhow you feel....It seems that this site gets alot of traffic around 10PM on through the wee morning hours.,... Right now its one hour behind you...6:59

    But this is pretty normal, it never seems very busy aorund this time....give it a few more hours for people to have din din and then settle in after a hard days work and this place should start to get a little more crowded...

    EDIT: just keep in mind that a large portion of the members around here are over in there seem to be a couple peak hours when people generally stop in to check up on the place.
  3. I'm one hour ahead of you and I'm ussualy one when like 10 ppl or so are on. But I'm on in the wee morning hours (12:00 - 4:00) usually.
  4. its 2 27am in usually checkin in from around 10pm til sleep time, which some times is now, and sometimes is not ever...oh well..sleep, who needs it
  5. OH JESUS THE CREEPINESS OF IT..HAHAHA...i have winamp set on random. therefore no decision of mine when a song comes on..well, as soon as i clicked on the submit button from above post, ozzy~crazytrain came on and as you all know in the beginning he says I and it echos, and it freaked me out..neat..sorry..neat...didnt mean to rant and im not even high, maybe i need to be
  6. I apologise for not being up as late as I normally am...but the past week its been hard finding time to get on here during the late night hours like I usually do because I have my four little cousins over (all under 15) and they seem to enjoy following me aorund wherever I go and they like to stand behind me while Im typing on the forum and I dont think this is the most appropriate thing to be doing while theyre watching....they'll be gone in two days though so no worries my fellow night owls....
  7. i was wonderin...i had noticed a lil fewer replies there for the past two or three days...of course im a loser with no life who get stoned and doesnt have to work cuz of weather and junk, but hey...this pretty much kills time.....weed is fun
  8. blows..and on top of that I was recently made a mod for the general forum, so now I have emails being sent to me for every bnew thread thats started....

    I like my cousins dont get me wrong..but theyre annoying, spoiled, and all have very high squeaky voices....on top of that they surround and swarm me wherever we im sitting here typing this theyre all argueing or osmething in the other room...its 1:15 am here and they still wont go to bed.....the worst part about them being here is the fact that I cant go out and smoke with friends.....I cant even smoke alone....I cant tend to or harvest or simply spend some time with any of my illegal plants..and I cant even mastrubate!..simply becauseits too weird with all my cousins sleeping around me!..I NEED SPACE!..I NEED A SMOKE!...BUT I CANT EVEN SMOKE A CLOVE OR CIGAR OR CIGARETTE OR THEY'LL ALL FREAK OUT AND TELL ME IM KILLING MYSELF!....THIS BLOWS IM GOING NUTS!
  9. lol Ive come up with a gonna go do some major nitrous hits in my bathroom....desperate times call for gassy measures....peace NOOORMUN...We may resume these late night chats in a few days once these little bastards..urr..uh I mean...beautiful little angels get the FUCK OUT OF MY FACE!

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