is that a preflower???

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  1. Please help with sexing.
    Is that a pre-flower? Is that dude's gonads or I am just freaking out?


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  2. i would say thats a male for sure. sorry man. there would be to hairs stickin out if it was a girl. are you flowering?
  3. No, that's the thing, I haven't even switched to flowering... :confused:
  4. thats defanitly a male... sorry bro :(
  5. Thanks a lot guys for answering so quick! :hello: That's why I love GC :D
    I guess am confused about this plant cause there are no clusters, just a single ball-looking-thingy...
    And I am not even flowering yet...:confused:
  6. I'd wait a few days to see if another ball grew next to the ones in the pic. Then you'll know for sure. If, OTOH, two white hairs grow from the balls then the 'it' is a 'she'. GL!
  7. That looks like definite male preflowers.
  8. It's not clustering 'cause they're preflowers. Once you switch to 12/12 light cycle, they will cluster.
    I'd recommend you try that before chopping it off. Could it be that some hairs come out... but I'm 99% sure it's male. :(

  9. Same. I had some issues where I thought my plant was gunna hermie on me, and I was pulling off some gonads, and it turned out that if theres hairs coming out its a If those are the only ones on your plant, gently and carefully clip those off, but keep it growing. You may just have a hermie.
  10. Roger that! :) Will let it live to flower and see...

  11. my plants are flowering and i got 6 females but some are getting little balls under the buds. hermie??

  12. Do they have little hairs coming out of the sacs? If so, then you have a female.
  13. That my friend is the same problem that the OP is having, and is also a male, or a hermie if you already found female parts elsewhere.
  14. Yeah, what Devious said. Prolly hermie.... :(
  15. damn!!! so if i keep pulling the balls off will they keep coming back?? how much is this going to affect my buds is it going to stop growing buds and just grow male flowers now or what?? fuck i took cuttings off these girls and everything!

  16. If you continuesly see these balls growing, then your buds gunna suck, because its not a hermie at all, but a male. You can keep growing it(AWAY from your plants) if you want a seed plant, but generally, you just wanna chop and kill it. I may be wrong, but this is the information as I understand it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  17. I found about 10 more balls around the plant. On a closer look they have 5 banana-like thigs wrapped together in tiny leaves (you can see in the original picture). Plus other signs of a guy - faster, lunkier, taller... So decided not to wait - i mean what's the point?
    Oh, well... :(
    It's kinda har to kill a living thing which didn't do anything wrong to me except growing as it was supposed to, don't you think?...
  18. Would you feel the same way towards a female plant that you could smoke? :confused:

    It looks like hermie. I don't advise cutting off the balls. You might miss one and this single one will polinize the hell outta the female flowers.
  19. I guess... Haven't got to that point yet though :D

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