is testing ph levels necessary?

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    can i start my seeds in potting soil, and use tap water for a couple weeks? just until i get the money to get some ph testing equipment.

    can i use a ph test meter made for soil only to check water ph levels?
    is lemon an acceptable ph down, and baking soda for ph up, or would i be better off finding some liquids?
  2. It will most likely be fine the first few weeks. People swear by checking Ph religiously, and it definetly doesn't hurt, but there are some quite successful growers who never check Ph in soil. You have a pretty wide buffer zone with soil before lockout occurs.

    Several factors combine to effect your Ph. As long as you have decent soil, decent water going in, and don't over feed you should be fine.
  3. I would personally recommend investing in a ph meter before starting. It is definitely essential for growing healthy plants, no matter the stage of life. My first grow I didn't use a ph meter and I had constant troubles/bad growth. Second grow with a ph meter yielded consistently healthy plants, it felt good.

    I would use ph up and ph down chemicals from a hydroponics store or online for adjustments. Other methods can work temporarily but the ph will not stay stable.

    My bit of advice is to start researching a lot! God luck. :wave:
  4. I've never checked my ph. :D
  5. You may not absolutely need one but if you start havin issues with your plant and you cant determine the problem it will probably be linked to the ph. For seeds you should be fine with tap Water for awhile.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. i'm gonna go ahead and start my grow tonight and order my other supplies.
  7. can you collect any rain water? My last outdoor grow went real well and in the first couple months all I used was rainwater vegging with a very light nitrogen dose every other watering.. I never messed with any ph adjusting..
  8. it will depend on your soil, your water and your nutes. these things directly influence the PH that your roots are subjected to. I had ph problems many years ago but I have found soil and nutes than when combined with my tap water gives me a great ph level. so now I haven't tested for years and never get problems.

    nutes change the ph of your water, some water has its ph way off already, some soils have a ph that is not suitable. so sometimes changing the ph of your nutrient solution is necessary. but if you make the right choices to start with you won't have to worry about your ph level
  9. never tested my ph, my plants were extremely healthy. I went all organic and just responded to what my plants looked like.

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